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Professional Silicone Product Manufacturer

LegenDay is a professional manufacturer in China that offers a wide range of custom-molded silicone products for different industries including automotive, personal care, houseware, pet products, and more. We have been providing one-stop solution to brand owners, wholesalers, distributors, importers, and retailers for many years now. Our company is widely recognized worldwide for providing excellent technical solutions and manufacturing expertise.

Our factory has an expert engineering team to design a wide range of silicone products. Our supports and services are customizable to tailor your different project requirements. We are providing full support for every production stages including conceptual design, material silicone, to full volume production.

LegenDay also offers silicone OEM and ODM services. Our rich experience allows us to have full capabilities in customizing each silicone products to meet market demands. Our factory in China also have mold making manufacturing workshop including packaging department, quality control department, and post-forming department.

Aside from that, we also have capabilities for silicone products molding. We are well-equipped with advanced machines such as compression molding machines, co-injection silicone molding machines, and more.

  • Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding
  • Silicone Compression Molding
  • Co-Injection Dripping Molding

LegenDay also has high technology printing and painting line to ensure that each silicone product has a good aesthetic appeal. We also have a dust-free and large assembly and packing workshop that are hygienic and clean.

  • Our Service Concept
  • Our Service Concept

Our Service Concept

As a professional manufacturer, LegenDay is well-knowledgeable about the importance of silicone product quality. Therefore, we assure that our whole production processes are quality controlled to ensure qualified products.

Each silicone product is guaranteed approved by different standards before production. Aside from quality, LegenDay also offers services such as:

  • After-sales services to provide one-stop scalable solutions.
  • Fast delivery and hassle-free logistics.

Excellent Business Scope

To become a good business, LegenDay focuses on three different essential factors including:

  • Continuous innovation and improvement
  • Meeting and satisfying customer’s requirements
  • Quality Management

Mentioned above are three cores of our business to help meet the requirements of brand owners, retailers, chain stores, wholesalers, and more.

  • Send Your Inquiry Now
  • Send Your Inquiry Now
  • Send Your Inquiry Now
  • Send Your Inquiry Now

Certified Production and Products

LegenDay manufactures all kinds of silicone products that are certified by FDA, LGFB, ISO, CE, and more international standards. Among our silicone products are:

  • Promotion silicone gift products
  • Silicone hardware products
  • Beauty and personal care silicone products, and more.

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