Aerospace Industry

Silicone rubber can be found throughout an airplane whether in the interior or exterior applications. It is used to encapsulate, and seal a wide variety of aircraft parts including engine gaskets, vent ducts, engine molded seals, door HVAC seals, etc. It shields sensitive technology from the environment. Silicone rubber is useful for maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding aviation throughout its life. Silicone is also a strong and dependable material for instrument panel seals, window seals, and thermal insulation.

LegenDay is a reliable silicone manufacturer in China you can trust. We can support your aerospace industry-specific requirements.

Why Silicone Used in Aerospace Industry?

  •  Electrical insulating material
  • Minimal outgassing, Flame retardant
  • Low reactivity to chemicals
  • Simple to mold into bespoke shapes
  • Extremely resistant to acids, water, oil, bases, chemicals, and fungi.
  • Thermal stability to endure extremely high and low temperatures
Aerospace Silicone Products
Aerospace Silicone Products

LegenDay Silicone Projects for Aerospace industry

  •  Instrument seals and electrical equipment cockpit
  • Canopy Seals, Oil Seals, Engine Seals
  • Molded seals and gas turbine seals
  • Vibration Dampeners
  • Door, Outer Windows, and Cargo Seals
  • Ignition Wire Insulation
  • Tail, Sealant, and Wings Hydraulic Seals
  • Lighting, overhead bins, and window seals in the cabin
  • Grommets & Spacers
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