Silicone has excellent flexibility, durability, weather and salt resistance, and meets sanitary standards in the agricultural industry. Silicone sealing and tubing are utilized for machines liable for irrigation, precision fertilizer, water filtrations, pesticide distribution, precision farming, water desalination, circulation applications, etc.

LegenDay has rich expertise in creating various silicone product solutions for agricultural applications. All products are meticulously manufactured, and follow rigorous certification and testing to exceed international standards. With more than two decades in this industry, we guarantee high-quality silicone products and excellent customization services.

Silicone Products Commonly Used for Agriculture Applications

  • Seals for Water Dam
  • Seals and gaskets for well water pumps
  • Seals and tubes for agricultural equipment
  • Pesticide spraying and irrigation using silicone tubing
  • Flexible elbow joints made of liquid silicone for piping systems
  • O-rings, hollow and inflatable seals for differential pressure seals and valves
  • Rings for universal sealing purposes
  • Silicone antimicrobial hoses for desalination systems, etc.
Agriculture Industry
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