A Wide Range of Silicone Products to Meet Specific Applications

As a professional silicone products manufacturer in China, we have full capabilities and excellent resources to provide a one-stop solution for different industries. We are working closely with our customers to fully analyze each application’s requirements. To satisfy our client’s specifications, we are offering silicones with different thicknesses and grades.

LegenDay Capabilities

LegenDay supplies all types of silicone products to OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer customers. Therefore, you can assure that we have a very deep knowledge of each silicone product application to fit different purposes. All our silicone products are cost-effective and comply with different standards for quality and safety.

We are also an ODM company with full technical capabilities to customize each product according to your requirements. Rest assured that we will work closely with you to provide exact solutions from designing, and formulation, to production. We are your no.1 partner that is delighted to provide a one-stop solution for prototyping design and other production processes.

LegenDay Capabilities
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