Understanding Customer’s Requirements

LegenDay has professional silicone specialists to make sure that we meet all our customer’s requirements. Since silicone undergoes different processing such as compression, stretching, and more for demanding applications, it is structured to retain its size and shape. Therefore, our chemist’s role is to improve its properties and performance to meet a variety of function. We are working closely with our customers to develop specific and custom silicone formulations. To provide the right silicone solution, we need to know your specification requirements, desired curing processes, compounded product physical form, and applications.

Case Study

Silicone Gripper Cord
No.1 Silicone Gripper Cord

We have helped industries and distributors who have consistent needs of silicone gripper cord used in their processing plants. Each silicone gripper cord is tested and offered at a free sample. The client is satisfied with the sample provided and fulfil an order. Among the industries we served with high-quality silicone gripper cord are large food processors from different countries.

Silicone Spacers
No.2 Silicone Spacers

We have a client, mainly a large chemical company that is searching for silicone spacers that can be used for hot environment. They provided drawings with only tolerances and dimensions indicated.

In order to fully understand our client’s need, we have requested for a sample of existing spacers from them. Thus, we are able to determine the product’s durometer and through testing, we are able to gather different information such as heat tolerance level.

Silicone Tubing
No.3 Silicone Tubing

LegenDay has sent a sample of silicone tubing to a distributor from other country so we can provide for their customer. To satisfy the customer’s requirements, we have offered 3 silicone tubing options and they were able to choose what’s the best for them.

  • With specific shore durometer
  • Soft durometer
  • A variety of shore diameter.
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