Consumer Products

Silicone is an excellent material for manufacturing consumer products. It has antimicrobial properties and can handle numerous applications without degrading or leaching hazardous chemicals into food and beverages. Silicones are flexible and resistant to germs and heat. They exhibit excellent temperature resistance and hygienic properties safe for human health. It is a perfect long-lasting substance for use in the kitchen including silicone cooking tools, collapsible food containers, bakeware, sippy cups, etc. Our food-grade silicone meets stringent safety criteria. LegenDay has an FDA certificate and is familiar with the regulatory standards for food-use applications.

Extensive Range of Silicone Consumer Products

Silicones are used to manufacture a wide range of consumer goods such as:

  • Laundry detergents
  • Household polishes
  • Bakeware, Kitchenware
  • Baby and infant products
  • Straws, Bags, Containers
  • Covers, Placemats, Bottles,
  • Sporting goods
  • Pet Products, etc.
Consumer Products
Why Trust LegenDay for Silicone Consumer Goods Production

Why Trust LegenDay for Silicone Consumer Goods Production

LegenDay is a trustworthy supplier of silicone consumer goods. Our one-of-a-kind full-service strategy will save you both time and money. Legenday can help you at every level of developing and manufacturing your consumer idea. Our design staff will assist you with the optimal silicone formula depending on your needs, as well as the appropriate tool design, to create little to no waste and assure a great result every time. In post-production, we will assemble your product components and apply any necessary coatings or adhesives. The finished product will next be thoroughly inspected and packaged in custom retail packaging. Your merchandise can be shipped directly from our warehouse to a store or e-commerce website.

Silicone Product for Consumer Industry
Quality Silicone Consumer Products

High-grade consumer silicone products for your business. Get in touch now!

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