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Silicone straw covers are small, flexible sleeves designed to fit over the ends of drinking straws, protecting your teeth. They are practical tools for daily use, such as at parties, while shopping, during travel, camping, and hiking outdoor activities.

We offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and types of silicone straw covers for you to choose from. Additionally, we can provide custom silk screen printing for your logo needs.

Why to Choose Us?

Our silicone straw covers are all made of 100% food-grade silicone, ensuring they are chemical and BPA-free. As a result, they are odorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and reusable. Our silicone straw covers are also highly wear-resistant and not easily damaged. Furthermore, they offer numerous outstanding advantages such as an airtight seal, dust and splash-proof features, particularly suitable for outdoor activities. They are easy to install on metal or glass straws and can be effortlessly removed. Additionally, our silicone straw covers are easy to clean using a straw cleaning brush and are dishwasher-safe.

Why to Choose Us?
Where to Use Silicone Straw Cover?

Where to Use Silicone Straw Cover?

Silicone straw covers are versatile accessories that can be used in numerous settings, including at home, during outdoor activities, parties, travel, restaurants, and more. They offer protection for your teeth, help maintain hygiene, and add a touch of style to your drinks. These covers are ideal for use with both hot and cold beverages and are a sustainable choice to reduce plastic waste.

Techniques We Have

  • Co-Injection Dripping Molding: 
  1. Co-injection Molding: This is a process in which two or more different silicone materials are injected into a mold simultaneously to create a composite or layered product. This technique may be used to achieve certain characteristics in silicone straw covers, such as a dual-layer design or enhanced durability.
  2. Dripping: Dripping could imply a controlled and precise injection process where the silicone materials are introduced into the mold in a way that creates specific patterns, textures, or designs on the straw covers. This could be used to achieve aesthetic or functional effects.
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection Molding:

LSR is a specialized type of silicone rubber that is liquid at room temperature but can be cured to a solid state with heat. It is known for its exceptional properties, such as flexibility, biocompatibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures.

  • Silicone Compression Molding:

Silicone compression molding is chosen for producing silicone straw covers because it is a reliable and cost-effective method for creating high-quality silicone products. The process allows for the efficient production of straw covers with precise shapes, excellent durability, and the flexibility required for easy installation on straws. These straw covers can offer protection for teeth, hygiene, and customization options while being safe for contact with food and beverages.

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