Silicone rubber is significant in the innovation of telecommunications, consumer electronics, computer technology, and power distribution. This cutting-edge synthetic rubber can bond and wrap from microprocessors to semiconductors. Silicones protect electronic parts from excessive moisture, heat, salt, contamination, and corrosion, as well as prevent movement in appliances, computers, airplanes, and automobiles. Many technological and electronic breakthroughs in electronic assemblies, devices, components, and systems would be impossible without silicones.

Legenday provides silicone projects and technical support to the industry of electronic accessory goods. We collaborate with electronic accessories product brands, retail chains, gift stores, wholesale, and product development companies worldwide.

Reasons of Using Silicone in Electronics Industry

  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Environmental-friendly
  • High adherence
  • Superior quality
  • Chemical and UV resistance
  • Long life span
Reasons of Using Silicone in Electronics Industry
Wide Range of Silicones for Electronics Industry

Wide Range of Silicones for Electronics Industry

LegenDay used 100% FDA or LFGB standard silicone material in all of our silicone case and sleeves products. We carry recyclable and sustainable products, easy to clean, waterproof, quick to dry, and antibacterial.

  • Consumer electronic devices – silicone phone case, silicone airbag case, silicone protective cover, silicone holder, silicone lanyard cell phone holder, silicone key cover, battery covers, etc.
  • Thermal Management – silicone gels, gap fillers, encapsulation, and potting compounds, silicone adhesive sealants, non-setting compounds for heat dissipation, etc.
Professional Silicone Manufacturer for Electronics
Professional Silicone Manufacturer for Electronics

LegenDay is your one-stop silicone manufacturer for electronics. High-quality products, BPA-free and environmentally safe to use. Message us now!

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