Food Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber – The Ultimate Guide


food grade

No one can deny the importance of food-grade liquid silicone rubber in food safety and quality.

A reason this guide explores some fundamental aspects of food grade liquid silicone rubber such as benefits, applications, to quality standards, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Food Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)?

Food-grade liquid silicone rubber refers to an elastomer that is tasteless, odorless, and strongly resists bacteria. This makes it extremely suitable for food products. On the other hand, the regular or standard LSR is not suitable for food products.

liquid silicone rubber

liquid silicone rubber

 Rather it is suitable for industrial applications.

Difference Between Food Grade And Regular Silicone Rubber

Several differences exist between food-grade and regular silicone rubber. Some of the key differences are as follows:

  • In food-grade silicone rubber, high-quality raw material is employed in manufacturing.
    It makes use of food-standard fumed rubber.
    The density specification of fumed silica is greater than that of the ordinary compared to ordinary silica.
  • The tensile properties of the food-grade LSR feature a reinforcing effect. This allows zero during the stretch.
    While industrial or regular silicone leads to the formation of whitening upon stretching.

regular silicone rubber

regular silicone rubber

  • Food grade LSR complies with safe and healthy characteristics. They ensure life safety without being hazardous.


Injection Molding Parts Using Food Grade Liquid Silicone

First, the material moves into a static mixer and then to the injection unit. Later the pigment stream was added. A screw and pushing frame transfer the material within the mold to fill it.

After 30 seconds, remove the final product from the mold making. For standard silicone, it will take more than 6 minutes. The time for curing peroxide materials is even more than nine minutes.

Ultimately, you can carry out baking to improve compression and reduce volatility. You can also remove flashing using the deflashing process. Later, you can pack it for shipping after removing foreign material.

Remember, you can use the normal injection molding technique and 2-shot injection molding. With 2-shot injection molding LSR, you can make many flexible parts and components.

food grade liquid silicone rubber injection molding

food grade liquid silicone rubber injection molding

Benefits Of Food LSR

Several characteristics associated with Food grade LSR make it beneficial. Some of the key advantages are as follows:

Unmatched Durability

Food-grade LSR offers great resistance to flames and corrosion.

It is durable to cope with harsh kitchen environment needs. Featuring low compression enables them to absorb vibrations quickly.

Flexible Process

You can produce LSR products either conventional or through an injection molding process.

It opens the path for flexible design formation and subjection to various applications.

Resistance to Cold and Heat

This characteristic is truly beneficial for beverages and food applications. No matter how much cold or heat subjection it experiences. It resists brittleness and melting. This eventually results in longer life and more reliability.

Resistance to Chemicals and Bacteria

The chemical composition of LSR is inert. It offers strong resistance to mold as well as bacteria.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind.

It complies with the HACCP standards, which assist you in running the risk in a free supply chain.

Compliance With FDA

It is popular around the globe to use Food grade silicone rubber. It poses no harm to food products and beverages.

Applications of Food Grade LSR

The applications of Food grade liquid silicone rubber exist in various industries. Some of the uses are as follows:


The LSR features great transparency, zero toxicity, and is odorless.

These features boost its wide adaptability in forming straws, bags, tableware, and lunch boxes.

baby silicone tableware

baby silicone tableware

You directly put your food in contact with these products, and they will remain safe.

Cooking and Baking Utensils

You can make a wide range of kitchen utensils with Food grade LSR, including spatulas, chocolate molds, clamps, candy molds, etc.

The things that make them suitable for this purpose include softness, elasticity, resistance to deformation, cracking, and kinking.

silicone kitchen utensils

silicone kitchen utensils

Baby Products

You can make baby products such as pacifiers and breast milkers through liquid silicone rubber.

This quality LSR never fades and produces no foul-smelling, resistant scaling; thus, you can enjoy a long life with these products.

Rubber Gaskets

You can use LSR in packaging and processing industries to process different fruits, biscuits, etc.

You can also use them for different medical and laboratory applications.

LSR is also employed in liquid spray applications to prevent food from contamination.

Limitations of Food Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber


Some limitations associated with Food grade LSR include poor tear strength and no resistance to abrasion.

This makes you carefully choose it for the required application.

Another factor is the price of the material.

It has a cost almost similar to that of rubber. Because of its bulky and thick appearance, you cannot create a discreet look.

The higher viscosity associated with the LSR limits its usage in insulation applications. The LSR resists an easy curing process if it is in contact with clay or sulfur.

Besides these things, it also requires proper degassing to avoid bubble formation within the LSR.

Quality Standards Compliance For Food Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber

The food-grade LSR is completely compatible with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

This ensures that you can use it in the pharmaceuticals and food industries.

It is not dangerous because of its chemical inertness and heat and cold resistance.

It also does not release any fumes or by-products to impact the health of employees and consumers.

The FDA’s adherence to LSR renders it safe around the globe and opens doors to a wide range of applications.



Food grade liquid silicone rubber plays an integral role in modern injection molding industry. You can make a range of safe and reliable products for commercial and home use.

Where to buy food-grade liquid silicone rubber? For all your food-grade LSR products, contact us now.


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