13 Liquid Silicone Rubber Properties

13 Liquid Silicone Rubber Properties

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about liquid silicone rubber properties.

Whether you want to learn about chemical or physical properties – you will find it right here.

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Chemical Properties Of Silicone Rubber

Some of the main chemical properties include:

1. Chemically Inert

Our liquid silicon rubber does not react chemically with others.

It will also ensure that your products are resistant to damage by elements like UV rays, water, radiation, and oxidation.

You can use liquid silicone rubber for products that are cleaned often or exposed to outdoor environments.

This is because it is chemically designed to withstand such conditions.

silicone rubber chemical properties

Silicone Rubber Chemical Properties

2. Hypoallergenic

Liquid silicone rubber will not cause you any irritation when you touch it.

You can therefore use it for respiratory products like oxygen masks, earbuds, and hearing aids.

3. Biocompatible

It has a perfect molecular structure and does not smell or taste.

You can use it for making baby products, beverage-related products, and other food products.

Physical Properties Of Silicone Rubber

Some of the main physical properties include:

4. Thermal stability

Thermal stability

Liquid silicone rubber can withstand temperature changes.

This will ensure that your products do not elongate or melt when subjected to high temperatures.

Additionally, when the temperatures reduce, your products will always remain flexible.

This property makes your products suitable for use in harsh environments and heavy-duty applications.

5. Compression resistant

The liquid silicone rubber which we produce can retain its shape even when subjected to compression. This will ensure that your products will retain their design and effectively serve the desired function.

You will not have to be worried about any variations in the product’s original design.

6. Resistant to Tearing

You cannot tear liquid rubber as we produce it using the best materials and methods.

This property will ensure that your products retain their original structure.

7. Transparency

Our liquid silicone rubber is highly adaptable in terms of color and looks requirements. We can add color to it to suit your desired specifications.

silicone rubber materials

Silicone Rubber Materials

8. Electrical Conductivity

Our liquid silicone rubber has a high resistance to electricity.

It is also able to conduct electricity without affecting the properties of other parts in your products.

9. Smooth Texture

The liquid silicone rubber which we produce tends to have a naturally smooth feel.

10. Durable

The liquid silicone rubber which we manufacture is strong and stable. This will ensure that your products have the stability of a long term and are efficient.

11. Insulative

Liquid silicone rubber is resistant to conductive heat flow. Therefore, you can use it as an insulator in applications of high voltage.

12. Responsive


Liquid silicone rubber is sensitive and responsive to the touch. You can use it in all products with delicate sensing membranes.

13. Hardness

Liquid silicone rubber comes in many hardness levels. You should ascertain the end-use of the products you need to produce when selecting them.

sillicone rubber materials preparation

Silicone Rubber Materials Preparation


We offer the best liquid silicone rubber able to suit your various needs.

Determine the properties of liquid silicone rubber that suit your product’s needs and reach out to us for assistance.

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