LSR Clean Room Injection Molding

Clean rooms provide the most sterile environment for various silicone medical devices such as biotech and diagnostic products, surgical and medical equipment, food and beverage products, and other sanitary applications. Liquid silicone rubber is a chemically inert material that features biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and resistant to a variety of chemicals. Impurities like dust, oil, bacteria, and airborne particles are regulated and minimized within an ecologically controlled clean environment known as a clean room.

LegenDay ISO Standards

LegenDay clean room is excellent for businesses producing high-volume medical equipment that demands an ISO-certified sanitary manufacturing system. For our ISO Class 8 clean room, we chose a composite design that is also customizable to allow for speedy expansion with minimal interruption. Our clean room has a unique structure and material flow to provide the benefits of a traditional clean room without limits.

LSR Clean Room Injection Molding
LSR Clean Room Injection Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber Clean Room Parts Applications

Among the instruments and products that need sanitary manufacturing conditions are:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology products
  • Surgical instruments and equipment
  • Diagnostic components and products
  • Medical equipment that makes touch with the human body
  • Devices for fluid management and medication delivery
  • Products for the lungs
  • Microelectronic and nanotechnology components
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