Custom Packaging Solution for Different Silicone Products

LegenDay can provide custom packaging for a wide range of silicone products. We are committed to helping to you from the start of the transaction until the end. Therefore, we can help you save time and money. LegenDay can provide different custom packaging solutions such as PVC/PE boxes, bags, barcode stickers, hangtags, printed labels, paper boxes, and more.

Shipping Silicone Products to International Markets

LegenDay has worked with different shipping companies that are very knowledgeable in logistical regulations and considerations. We can ship your silicone product orders to Amazon FBA directly. Our team can also ship through express normally 6 to 8 days delivery such as:

  • TNT
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL

Each shipment comes with tracking information.

Shipping Silicone Products to International Markets

Our Silicone Projects

  • Silicone Bottle
    Silicone Bottle
  • Silicone Wristbands
    Silicone Wristbands
  • Silicone Spatula
    Silicone Spatula
  • Silicone Hose
    Silicone Hose
  • Silicone Beads
    Silicone Beads
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