Exceptional Quality System for a World-Class Silicone Rubber Parts

LegenDay is fully equipped with automated manufacturing processes such as post-molding operations, manufacturing cells, molding, extrusion, and more. We also have advanced production equipment to deliver consistent quality, smooth supply, chain, and high output. LegenDay supplied millions of custom silicone parts to customers around the world with high customer quality ratings. Rest assured that LegenDay will manufacture silicone rubber parts with quality in mind.

Best Quality Practices

LegenDay has quality tools to ensure that we provide silicone products with consistent quality. Along quality toolds, we also consider to perform different quality practices such as:

  • Custom services
  • Advanced quality planning
  • Control plans
  • Qualifications and validations
  • Metrology capabilities
  • Solving methods for a variety of technical problems
Best Quality Practices
Providing Quality Solutions

Providing Quality Solutions

LegenDay performs all the essential steps to assuring an exceptional quality silicone parts.

  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Functional testing metrology
  • Specific industry solution
  • Certified by International Quality

How Do We Assure Quality

Process Control
Process Control

With our superior tooling standards, we are able to achieve the highest level of silicone production processes.

  • World-class silicone molding approach
  • Control plans
  • Excellent PQ, OQ, and IQ
Equipped with Advanced Technology
Equipped with Advanced Technology

As a professional manufacturer, we make sure that our factory is equipped with advanced technology to ensure stable production processing. We have advanced equipment such as:

  • Material testing equipment
  • Functional testing equipment
  • Part inspection
Fully Certified
Fully Certified

To ensure that we provide quality, we are manufacturing silicone products according to:

  • ISO9001
  • IATF16949
  • ISO13485
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