Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

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LEGENDAY Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

LEGENDAY red silicone rubber sheet is a high-quality elastomer that has outstanding sealing performance. It provides a high level of visual stimulation. Meaning, the red silicone rubber sheet is more appealing compared to the black elastomer.

At LEGENDAY, you can find different sizes and thicknesses of red silicone rubber sheets. It can be customized based on your requirements. Combined with our expertise and the latest technology, we can create a large production of red silicone rubber sheets. Allowing you to cater to your large orders. Also, small MOQs are available from us.

By Thickness

  • 40A Durometer
    40A Durometer

    The 40A shore silicone rubber sheet has the lowest durometer. It is soft and is available in commercial grade. Also available in gauges up to 1/2″ thick.

  • 70A Durometer
    70A Durometer

    It has the highest rating in the durometer range. Our 70A durometer silicone rubber sheet is very durable and can resist physical indention.

  • 50A Durometer
    50A Durometer

    Highly recommended for commercial-grade applications where high or low temperature is crucial. The 50A silicone rubber sheet has a high level of flexibility.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Seals and gasket for heating equipment
  • Sealing strips and gaskets for automotive
  • Seals and gaskets for lighting fixtures
  • Construction sealing strips
  • Compressor and air conditioning unit seals
  • Catering equipment sealing
  • Water tanks, beverage distribution tools, and piping
  • All kinds of sealing strips, insulation pads, gaskets, wear pads, etc.
Red Silicone Rubber Sheet
Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

Red Silicone Rubber Sheet Advantage

  • Excellent Properties: 450 °F, 700PSI tensile strength, 350% elongation, Durometer 60 Shore A
  • Excellent Gasket Material: Resist up to 450°F, oil-, acetone-, acid-resistant
  • Professional Quality: LEGENDAY red silicone rubber sheet is greatly resistant to saltwater and ozone.


  • FDA-Approved
  • Compliant with EU and WRAS standards
  • Chemical-Resistant
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Extremely versatile
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • UV- and Ozone-resistant
  • Toxic-free

Red Silicone Rubber Sheet Grade

Red Silicone Rubber Sheet

Also available in different colors like black and grey. Our premium-grade red silicone rubber sheet is heat-resistant. Making it perfect for operations that need maximum physical characteristics. Thus, it can resist harsh environments.

The premium-grade red silicone rubber sheet has a wide temperature resistance of up to 500°F and 400% minimum elongation. It is more expensive compared to the commercial-grade silicone rubber sheet.


Red silicone rubber sheet in commercial grade is commonly used in applications that need low physical properties and high-temperature resistance.

Our commercial-grade silicone rubber sheet has a maximum temperature range of up to 450°F and 300% minimum elongation. Mostly, it is available in 36-inches widths.

The commercial-grade red silicone rubber sheet is a cost-effective elastomer that has a high-temperature range.

Color Red
Insertion None
Working Temperature (Continuous) Min. 60°C to Max. 230°C
Working Temperature (Short-Term) 250°C
Brittle Point Min. 80°C
Tear Strength 14.2 N / mm
Tensile Strength 1146 PSI

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