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Silicone Bearing

LegenDay’s silicone bearings are defined by their great thermal resistance, adhesion performance, and excellent tear strength. Thus making it suitable for applications where high speed, high load capacity, and extreme temperature stability are key aspects. These enable to elevate the service lifespan and performance of any mechanical equipment.

  • Easy to fix and install
  • Non-corrosive, non-porous, non-magnetic
  • Lighter weight, soft, and flexible
  • Excellent air tightness

Professional Silicone Bearing Manufacturer in China – LegenDay

LegenDay is existing to provide the fastest and reliable solutions for silicone bearings around the world. We are specialized in understanding the needs of our customers and providing them innovative solutions to meet their applications requirements. 

Manufactured from the latest technology and finest silicone, our bearings achieve the superior quality with competitive price. They are designed to reach the highest resistance factor. Through our extra long-living silicone bearings, you are able to prevent sudden and expensive troubles. 

At LegenDay, we offer you a complete list of our silicone bearing customization options and these are offered in a timely manner. It is available in numerous sizes, colors, and configurations that best fit your needs. However, the choice is in your hand. You can decide your design based on your specifications. 

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Silicone Bearing Highlight Benefits and Features

  • Materials are individually matched to your needs
  • Highly resists to wear, friction, and corrosion
  • Versatile and has simple construction
  • No materials fatigue
  • Allow convenient and flawless movements
  • Supports high capacity loads
  • Smoother surface and tight tolerance
  • Compliant with WRAS and FDA
Silicone Bearing Highlight Benefits and Features
Applications and Industries

Applications and Industries

Silicone bearings are popularly used everywhere. Some applications and industries uses these bearings types include:

  • Large civil and mechanical engineering projects
  • Leading applications
  • Machine tools
  • Renewable energy engines
  • Automotive 
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Mining 
  • Medical
Material Silicone 
Temperature -20℃ to 400℃
Density 3.1 – 3.15
Hardness 2800
Dimension Customized
Industrial Standard DIN24960, ISO3069, EN12576, API682
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