• Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers
  • Silicone Bumpers

Silicone Bumpers

Legendary silicone bumpers are small pieces of accessories that are created to help protect your PCB from destruction. Manufactured from premium-grade silicone, these bumpers are useful to raise your PCB up off your desks. They avert short-circuiting coming from the bits of scrap floating wires. Besides, silicone bumpers are beneficial in preventing your PCB from sliding around and getting pushed down from switches. 

  • High resistance to moisture
  • Long-lasting elasticity
  • Available in a wide range of sizes 
  • For encoders, highly recommended
  • Squishy by being soft
  • Easily attached to any surfaces

Expert Silicone Bumpers Manufacturer in China – LegenDay

Many bumpers are produced here at LegenDay, especially for those that are made from silicone. They are available in a variety of customization options, such as sizes, colors, and some configurations which depend on what and where to use them. It possesses all the qualities that you are looking for in silicone bumpers which is worthy to avail.

LegenDay are trusted with so many customers nationwide as we are capable to get most accurate, efficient, and fastest solutions for all their components’ needs. We progressively expanded our manufacturing capabilities and standard silicone bumpers that supported our customers’ comprehensive application requirements.

For reliable and long-lasting performance silicone bumpers at affordable cost, LegenDay has countless selections to offer. Contact us now!

Different Types of Silicone Bumpers

Legenday has a large selection of silicone bumpers to fulfill your needs.

  • Grasp Bumpers
  • Edge Bumpers
  • A Final Bumper
  • Rounded Bumpers
  • Root Bumpers
  • Bumper Snaps
  • Stupid Bumpers
  • Adhesive Bumpers
  • Insert Bumpers, Male and Female
  • Feet Made of Silicone
  • Bumpers for Large Trucks and Docks
  • Bumper Pads
Different Types of Silicone Bumpers


  1. While allowing for separation and ventilation, they protect surfaces.
  2. A bumper is used to reduce vibration in a piece of equipment.
  3. Additional sliding resistance is provided by the silicone bumper.
  4. Collisions are lessened by these bumpers’ ability to deliver and absorb the momentum.
  5. From dings and skidding, they guard the surfaces.
  6. Silicone bumpers may be produced in any color.

Selecting the Right Silicone Bumpers

Consider the size and shape when selecting silicone bumpers. There are several different sizes of silicone bumpers available. 

Some of them are tiny, while others are enormous. When selecting silicone bumpers, remember the machine or equipment you plan to use them with.


  • Cylindrical
  • Hemispherical
  • Hexagonal
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Roll stock
Selecting the Right Silicone Bumpers
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