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Silicone Chess Board Manufacturer in China

LegenDay manufactures silicone chessboards that are flat and foldable. It also features wrinkle-free and never loses its shape. These are customizable according to your requirements.

  • Double-sided option
  • Available in round or square corners
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Spill and tear-resistant

Legenday Silicone Chess Board

The silicone chess board is one of the most unusual chess board that made from stretchy silicone materials. It is design that can be folded or wadded up, will unroll and can able easy to lay on the tables. This silicone chess boards offers waterproof, heat resistant, and much more.

We offers different types of chess boards for more than 10 years. Legenday manufactured silicone chess from standards to customizing of sizes, colors, designs and thickness to meet your specific needs. Our company are well equipped of advance technology to manufactured silicone chess for different tournament applications.

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Soft Outdoor Custom Silicone Chess board
Soft Outdoor Custom Silicone Chess Board

Our soft outdoor custom silicone chess board is printed through embossing and de-bossing. It comes in custom colors according to your requirements.

Silicone Green and White Chess board
Silicone Green and White Chess Board

Our silicone green and white chess board features a folding design. It is widely used for educational purposes suitable for kids and adults.

Waterproof Silicone Chess board
Waterproof Silicone Chess Board

We manufacture waterproof silicone chess boards that are eco-friendly. It comes in different custom sizes and colors that are safe to use.

Eco-Friendly Silicone Chess board
Eco-Friendly Silicone Chess Board

LegenDay offers eco-friendly silicone chess boards that are soft and foldable. These are produced through advanced silicone molding.

Travelling Portable Silicone Chess board
Travelling Portable Silicone Chess board

Our traveling portable silicone chess boards are available in wooden color. These are guaranteed safe to use and free from toxic chemicals.

Roll-Up Silicone Chessboard
Roll-Up Silicone Chess Board

The roll-up silicone chess boards are foldable so they can be carried and transported easily. These are non-toxic, hygienic, and safe to use.

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Why Choose Legenday Silicone Chess Board


The silicone chess boards designed can be flexible so that they can be easy to fold. This is designed for those who want a lightweight and foldable chess boards.


Silicone chess boards are very easy to clean due to material is made from food-grade silicone. Using a wipe with a damp cloth the chess can be clean as needed.


Legenday manufactured these silicone chess boards that can be easy to travel to different places like tournaments, chess clubs, park games, schools, and so on.


These silicone chess boards can able to stand for different environmental problems. Its designs to be waterproof for outdoor applications.

What is Silicone Chess Board?

The silicone chess board is commonly for sports and can be found in different tournaments like school and international tournaments. This silicone chess board is flexible and super floppy that can lie perfectly plat on the tables. It offers extremely durable to provide long life service. It is commonly available in common square shapes and designed to be easy to roll or just thrown on the corners.

We can provide silicone chess boards which the printing is accurate to make sure the quality of the chess boards. Message us now!

What is Silicone Chess Board
Silicone Chess Board Features

Silicone Chess Board Features

We manufactured silicone chess boards that offer a lot of features such as:

  • It very flexible chessboard
  • Foldable
  • Washboard
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Very easy to stored
  • Easy to clean even with the use of wipes
  • and much more.

Different Colors of Silicone Chess Board

The silicone chess board from Legenday comes in different colors such as:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Burgandy
  • Navy

We can also customize colors to meet your specific needs.

Different Colors of Silicone Chess Board

Legenday – Your Trusted Silicone Chess Boards Supplier in China

Legenday – Your Trusted Silicone Chess Boards Supplier in China
Legenday – Your Trusted Silicone Chess Boards Supplier in China

We are a leading and trusted supplier of silicone chess boards that are designed to make transport for a larger chess set that offers much easier to carry and fold than others. The silicone chess board is baked using a molding process meaning that it can never lose its shape. It is also thinner making it put in a larger variety of chess storage boxes.

After more than a decades of manufacturing silicone chess boards, we can assure to provide top-quality chess all over the world. We offer customizes in color, design, sizes, and thickness together with affordable price.

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All silicone chess boards are certified by the following:

  • BSCI
  • CE
  • SGS
  • LFGB
  • EU
  • FDA
  • EN71
  • ISO 9001 and more.
Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process

In making our silicone chess boards we can do step by step process including:

    • Customized design
    • Raw materials
    • Color mixing
    • Material cutting
    • Vulcanization
    • Trimming
    • Printing
    • Final inspection and packaging
    • Shipping

Why Choose Legenday from 1000 supplier of Silicone Chess Boards

OEM ODM Service
OEM and ODM service

At Legenday we can do customizing to meet your specific requirements using different process such as:

  • Debossed
  • Embossed
  • Printing
  • Customizing logo, etc.
Quality Service
Quality Service

Legenday can offers quality service and assurance with the help of:

  • Professional team
  • Advance technology
  • 100% quality inspection department
Well equipped of Advance Production Line
Well equipped with Advance Production Line

In the manufacturing process of silicone chess board, we use different types of equipment such as:

  • Automatic vulcanization molding machines
  • Rubber tube extruder
  • Die-cutting press and other production processing equipment.
Skyrocket Your Business with Silicone Chess Board from Legenday
Skyrocket Your Business with Silicone Chess Board from Legenday

Legenday provides different types of silicone chess boards such as sizes, colors, design, etc. We offer low MOQ, fast delivery, and affordable price together with high productivity. Message us now!

  • “After many years of finding a reliable supplier, luckily I found you Legenday. Thank you so much for your silicone chess boards, you help my business to grow up faster.”

  • “I would say that silicone mats from Legenday are made using advanced technology which I see for the quality. Thank you so much, I will always choose you as my number one supplier for my growing business.”

  • “All silicone chess boards from Legenday are so soft and smooth which I really like. By that, I will give five stars to you and your teams.”

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