Silicone Corner Protector Manufacturer in China

LegenDay provides custom silicone corner protectors with various color and design options. We accommodate customers’ requested specifications to suit particular applications.

  • Made from food-grade silicone
  • Anti-microbial & BPA-free
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fully customizable

LegenDay Silicone Corner Protector

The silicone corner protectors are home accessories installed on edges or corners of tables, stairs, beds, cabinets, etc. These protectors are essential to enhance safety, especially for playing babies. Since they are made from silicone, the corner guards have smooth yet durable features. These valuable accessories are in-demand in retail, hotels, supermarkets, TV shopping, and other commercial industries.

LegenDay skilfully manufactures different corner guards made from silicone. We provide low-cost bulky orders for our new customers’ starting businesses. Our expert design team made such accessories with sturdy adhesive and fitted sizes. Their logos, hues, and unique designs are customizable. Shape options include spherical, L-shape, heart, triangle, bear round, and more.

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Silicone L-Shaped Corner Protector
Silicone L-Shaped Corner Protector

This silicone corner protector has an L-shaped design for protection against furniture’s sharp edges and corners. Perfect for tables, walls, and other cornered furniture. 

Silicone Cartoon Corner Protector
Silicone Cartoon Corner Protector

This silicone-made corner protector comes with a cute cartoon design. It is soft on any edges and corners too. Custom requests for any character are available. 

Baby Safety Silicone Corner Guard

The silicone corner guard is a baby-proof cover that secures safety in every sharp corner and edge against bumping. Customized logos for businesses are also available.

Silicone Furniture Corner Guard
Silicone Furniture Corner Guard

The furniture corner guard is a silicone-made product that protects any furniture and package units against damage from moving and traveling. Various colors are accessible.

Soft Silicone Corner Protector
Soft Silicone Corner Protector

The corner protector is made from a soft silicone design to withstand pressure and protect the covered corner away from any scratch and medium impact.  You can request a personalized design. 

Heart Silicone Corner Protector
Heart Silicone Corner Protector

With a heart pattern, this silicone corner protector on any angle surface will give a cheerful mood on any cornered edges. Complete your supplies in any hues available.

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Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Corner Protector

Easy to Remove
Easy to Remove

The silicone-made corner protectors are easy to remove by hair dryer heat. They also never damage the tables and other furniture after removing.

Suits Any Corner
Suits Any Corner

LegenDay designs various silicone protectors that suit any furniture corners and edges. They are more flexible yet fit any size of corner applications.


We provide silicone corner protectors with enough thickness, lighter weight, and durable properties. These advantages enhance everybody’s safety.

Strong Adhesive
Strong Adhesive

LegenDay assures extra strong adhesive present on silicone corner guards. We crash-tested them multiple times to ensure their protectiveness.

Silicone Corner Protector Features

LegenDay manufactures various silicone-made corner protectors with salient features. That includes the following:

  • Not easy to tear
  • Widely used
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comprehensive color range
  • Anti-collision
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Certified approved
  • Great protection
  • Come with double-sided tape
  • Baby-safe materials
Silicone Corner Protector
Silicone Corner Protector

Silicone Corner Protector Installation Methods

There are two methods used for installing silicone corner guards. Find out what you need for your projects and in-demand in markets. Consider the following:

  • Adhesive: Installing silicone corner or edge protectors using adhesives allows placement flexibility. It is the preferred method when corner protector and furniture surface complements.
  • Double-Sided Tape: Using double-sided tapes for installation doesn’t require tools. They are applied inside the corner protectors and fixed quickly to furniture surfaces and corners.

Customization Order Solutions

LegenDay professionally customizes corner protectors made from silicone. We customize specifications, such as follows.

  • Custom Colors: We greatly welcome your requested colors. Simply send us your preferred ones, and we will produce samples for that.
  • Custom Logos: Your customized and approved logos are also provided. We can show you samples and send us your confirmation.
  • Custom Packaging: We have multiple ideas about silicone corner protector packaging. Our team also accommodates your personalized designs to suit your business requirements.

Communicate with our service team now and send your customization details!

Silicone Corner Protector

Choose Silicone Corner Protector from LegenDay

Silicone Corner Protector
Silicone Corner Protector Certifications

LegenDay guarantees certified and approved silicone products, including custom corner protectors. We reach the standards of:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • CE certification
  • FDA 
  • LFGB 
  • ROHS
Silicone Corner Protector
LegenDay One-Stop Service

As a reliable manufacturer, we organize the following production processes to ensure and provide your order qualities and effectiveness.

  1. 3D Drawing Out
  2. Manufacturing Mold
  3. Production Process
  4. Silicone Product Quality Inspection
  5. Baking & Sanitizing
  6. Assembling Process
  7. Warehouse Stocking
  8. Shipment & Delivery

Why Rely On LegenDay Services

Offers Free Samples
Offers Free Samples

LegenDay provides free samples for you to check the qualities and specifications. We have approachable service assistants willing to entertain your inquiries and sample orders.

Expert Business Team
Expert Business Team

Our company is composed of an experienced and professional business team. We can assist you with every ordering process from inquiries, quotations, production, packaging, and even delivering your requests.

Guaranteed Lead Time
Guaranteed Lead Time

LegenDay guarantees a consistent lead time of about 15 days. We have a complete set of efficient equipment including molding, printing, and cutting machines, used for manufacturing procedures. That assures our customers an exact delivery time.

Silicone Cover Protectors
LegenDay - Your Reliable Silicone Corner Protector Provider

LegenDay offers custom silicone-made products, mainly Silicone Corner Protector. As we prioritize efficiency and high-quality products, we also excel in dedication to our customers’ custom requests and accept business inquiries. With LegenDay, we aim for our client’s satisfaction.

  • “Great as always. That’s our impression of LegenDay’s delivery service. Always on time, well-packaged and reliable. We never encountered shortages of supply for our customer’s demand.” 

  • “Making LegenDay our supplier is the best choice we made. They ensure to give us the right product and as far as giving us factory outlet price. The custom-made silicone corner protector increases our customer’s liking and sales!”

  • “LegenDay expertise in attending to customers’ inquiries was amazing. As we asserted our business plan, they made a few changes to help us accomplish it. It was beyond amazing. Thank you so much, LegenDay!”

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