Silicone Cup Cover Manufacturer

Custom Silicone Cup Cover Manufacturer

Legenday manufacture beautiful and durable cup cover made of 100% FDA-approved silicone.

It comes in vibrant and dazzling colors to impress the users. Have them in all sizes and designs of your own.

  • FDA and SGS-approved material
  • Keeps your bottle safe and secure
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable

Wholesale Silicone Cup Cover

Silicone cup covers are designed to keep warm or cold the delicious beverages for a longer period of time. It is made from high-food grade silicone, non-toxic, environmentally protected, odorless, and safe to use. It is scratch-proofing, reusable, and with good flexibility. These can handle extreme temperatures from -40 to 230°C, and protect drinks from dust, fur, fruit flies, etc. It prevents liquid from sloshing out of the cup. A silicone cup cover is ideal for kitchen champagne, beer glasses, tableware, glass, etc.

LegenDay can produce an extensive range of silicone cup covers in exquisite design, brilliant and stylish colors. Our custom silicone cup cover is suitable for any type of event or occasion, gifts, premiums, accessories, etc. Amazing products and enhance your business. With advanced manufacturing machines and technology, you can rely on LegenDay for your specific silicone products! Message us!

Cat Design Silicone Cup Cover
Cat Design Silicone Cup Cover

Attractive and versatile cat design silicone cup cover to any type of cup. It can be customized to meet your personal choice of designs.

Cat Ears Silicone Cup Cover
Cat Ears Silicone Cup Cover

Cat ears silicone cup cover is lightweight, resistant to heat and cold. Easy to handle and they don’t get broken.

Creative Anti-Dust Cup Cover
Creative Anti-Dust Cup Cover

Avail of creative anti-dust cup covers in a wide range of attractive and eye-catching designs. Great promotional items and souvenirs.

Custom Silicone Cup Covers
Custom Silicone Cup Covers

Custom silicone cup covers offer excellent durability, long lasting, and are perfect for regular usage. Comes in different rich shades.

Reusable Airtight Seal Cup Cover
Reusable Airtight Seal Cup Cover

Reusable airtight seal cup cover prevents the coffee, tea, or juice from splashings around. Strong cup sealing is accessible in all sizes to fit all cups.

Universal Tea Cup Cover
Universal Tea Cup Cover

Universal teacup cover is safe to use in a microwave oven, freezer, and dishwasher. Easy to cover cup, easy washing and store.

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Custom Silicone Cup Cover for Your Business

LegenDay custom silicone cup cover depending on your request. Fast production and delivery at a very cost-effective rate.

  • Logo print – Debossed, printed, embossed, etc.
  • Suitable for any cup – horizontal glass cup, stainless steel cup mouth, tea cups, coffee cups, flat cups, water cups, ceramic cups, mugs, and more.
  • Customized styles, designs, colors, logos, features
  • Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, harmless
  • Used in ovens and microwave ovens
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Cute and attractive silicone cover
  • Use for promotion gifts, advertising gifts, souvenirs, decoration, etc.
Silicone Mug Covers
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