Silicone Cup Holder Manufacturer

Silicone Cup Holder Manufacturer in China

LegenDay offers silicone cup holders made of food-grade premium silicone.

Able to handle both ice and heat; can be used for cafe cups, reusable cups, etc.

  • Portable non-slip surface
  • Powerful anti-microbial design
  • Flexible, nonstick, and non-slip
  • Simple to wash and clean

LegenDay Silicone Cup Holder

The silicone cup holder is an ideal drinking accessory. It has a non-slip base for drinks containers that stop spills. It shields surfaces from tumblers, mugs, and others. They are easy to remove and simple to clean. Hot, soapy water or a dishwasher is a good cleaning choice.

LegenDay offers a range of anti-slip silicone cup holders. It is made of BPA-free material that gives protection against harmful bacteria. They can withstand extreme temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius. Available in blue, orange, red, yellow, and other colors to match any interior. You can request particular color for your needs!

Silicone Ink Cup Holder
Silicone Ink Cup Holder

The silicone ink cup holder has portable size, lightweight, and convenient. Cleverly designed that included pigment cup, cotton swabs, and cosmetic tool.

Silicone Wheelchair Cup Holder
Silicone Wheelchair Cup Holder

LegenDay silicone wheelchair cup holder safely and securely holds hot/cold beverages in place. Attachable in a variety of armrests. Unique and versatile.

Universal Silicone Cup Holder
Universal Silicone Cup Holder

Designed for most cars, like Toyota, Truck, and SUVs. It’s washable and detachable. Shield the cup holder from dirt and stains. Heat-resistant and shockproof.

Silicone Anti-spill Cup Holder
Silicone Anti-spill Cup Holder

Composed of food-grade silicone and ABS resin. It is easy to insert and remove the cup. Features anti-spill function that prevents stains, spills, and knocks.

Anti-slip Silicone Cup Holder
Non-slip Silicone Cup Holder

The non-slip silicone cup holder keeps car cup holders clean. Made from comfy, soft material that complies with environmental protection standards. Washable.

Silicone Center Console Cup Holder
Silicone Center Console Cup Holder

Our silicone center console cup holder has no offensive odor. It maintains shape even at high temperatures. The surface has a soft, unique paint.

Silicone Collapsible Cup Holder
Silicone Collapsible Cup Holder

The silicone collapsible cup holder is suitable for sporting events, trekking, camping, etc. Easy to clean and available in different colors.

BPA free Leakproof Silicone Cup Holder
BPA-free Leak-proof Silicone Cup Holder

LegenDay BPA-free leak-proof silicone cup holder fits most snack cups. Its clip can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It rotates 360 degrees.

Silicone Heat Insulation Cup Holder
Silicone Heat Insulation Cup Holder

Silicone heat-insulation cup holders are perfect for hot and cold drinks, alcoholic beverages, and mugs. The surface can be shielded from grease stains.

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LegenDay Silicone Cup Holder Specifications

  • Available in a wide range of hues to fit any interior
  • Professionally made to be more convenient and practical
  • Safely holds cups, glass tumblers, mugs, breakers, etc
  • Shields surfaces from spilled beverages and dampness
  • SGS, FDA, and LFGB approved silicone cup holder
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, latex-free, and sturdy
  • Attachable to any vent; simply hang it onto any flat surface
  • Withstand the most extreme temperatures, -40 – 446 degrees F.
  • Accommodate most sizes of auto cup holders
  • Simple to clean with soap and water
Silicone Cup Holder Specifications
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