Silicone End Caps

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Silicone End Caps

Silicone end caps are small protective caps used for covering the ends of different objects. They are the most preferred option since they are more affordable than other end caps. Additionally, they have higher resistance than end caps made from EPDM material.

At LegenDay, we manufacture silicone caps from the most durable and high-quality silicone materials. As a result, they are guaranteed to not harden, shrink, or crack over time. They are suitable for multiple uses and won’t break. And their color will not fade over time. Their longevity is guaranteed.

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Why Choose Us

Wide Range of Products

We offer a wide range of silicone caps to suit any application or project needs. Rectangular, flanged, flat, and other types of end caps are available.

Strict Quality Control

To ensure the silicone caps’ quality, we have strict quality control from raw materials to final products. Before shipment, we inspect and test the end caps thoroughly to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Customization Services

Our silicone caps can be customized to fit your specific application and requirements. Custom shapes, colors, sizes, and other configurations are available.

Silicone End Cap

Variety of Applications

LegenDay is supplying silicone caps that are widely used for masking pems and studs. These caps are used during the processes of:

  • media blasting
  • shot blasting
  • anodizing
  • plating
  • painting
  • powder coating
  • e-Coating

Silicone caps can also be used for lab work, shops, classrooms, and other high-temperature applications.

We also offer silicone caps that are commonly used for medical packaging.

Features of Silicone End Cap

Silicone caps have many amazing features such as:

  • Flexible
  • Provides a leak-proof or airtight seal
  • Reusable
  • High durability
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Easy to remove & install
  • Easy to clean
  • Can withstand temperatures that range from -40°C up to 315°C
  • Withstand harsh environments
Silicone End Cap

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