Step By Step Silicone Extrusion Process

Step By Step Silicone Extrusion Process

Extrusion is a practical and simple silicone part production technique.

In this guide, you will learn all the critical stages in silicone extrusion process – from silicone and color mixing to cutting the final product.

Sillicone Extrusion
Sillicone Extrusion

Let’s dive right in.

Step 1: Color and Silicone Mixing

In this step, you can use two roll mills to process the blending of silicone gum. The option exists to add the desired color in the rolling mill with silicone.

You can add two-part silicone gum and one part of the color. The two-roll mill ensures homogenous silicone formation with consistent structure and color.

Sillicone Extrusion Process Flowchart
Silicone Extrusion Process Flowchart

You can add chemicals or compounds to this silicone to add unique properties.

Step 2: Testing of Silicone Compound

The second step in the silicone extrusion process is to test the silicone compound using a moving die rheometer. It lets you know the rheological data, including viscosity, stress, temperature, etc.

It helps you ensure the silicone can meet the end product requirements.

Step 3: Feeding

The second step is to place this silicone compound directly in the extruder. The extruder then forwards the material to the screw-containing flutes.

Step 4: Melting And Forwarding Raw Material

As the material moves through the screw, the pressure and temperature gradually rise. This ends up melting the material and conveying it close to the die.

Step 5: Extrusion Through Die

Extrusion Through Die

The silicone compound then passes through the die. The die is a stainless-steel disc with a unique pattern per your requirement. It shapes the silicone compound as per the cut-out pattern.

Step 6: Curing

The extruded shape then passes through an oven that utilizes radiant heat. The radiant heat then cures the end product. The reaction that takes place during extrusion is irreversible. The curing ensures stabilization and strengthens the material.

Step 7: Cooling

Later in the process, you place the final product after passing through the oven in a container. The container ensures room temperature maintenance for around 12 hours for this end product.


The last step in the silicone extrusion process is pulling and cutting. The cutting machines perform this operation. They first remove the material and cut it. You can change the length of cutting as per your requirement. The blades are cut at an angle of 900 to ensure precision.


The process mentioned above surely helps you in the silicone extrusion process. Even a layman can extrude the silicone using this process. In case you need further help or want to share your suggestion.

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