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Silicone Foam Manufacturer in China


Legenday is a leading manufacturer of silicone foams that are the ideal solution for different applications, such as gaskets.

They are widely used for a wide range of industries like aerospace, electronics, military, etc.

  •  High-temperature stability
  • Special chemical structure
  • Can be customized to your specifications
  • Fast shipping transaction/

LegenDay Silicone Foam

The silicone foam is a type of synthetic rubber used in firestops, sheets, and gaskets. It is accessible in the cure, solid form, and single liquid components for installation fields. The silicone foam is manufactured through a casting process to ensure smooth skin on both sides. It is classified as open cell silicone foam, closed cell silicone foam, and expanded silicone foam.

In China, LegenDay is committed to supplying silicone foams with excellent performance properties, including high-temperature stability, low compression set, and low-temperature flexibility. We can guarantee that our silicone foam products are flame rated with FAR and UL 94. It also meets the requirements of environmental sealing like UL 508 and UL 50.

Open Cell Silicone Foam
Open Cell Silicone Foam

Our open cell silicone foam is widely utilized for dust sealing, cushioning, or light water sealing. These are available in different firmness.

Closed Cell Silicone
Closed Cell Silicone

LegenDay closed cell silicone is widely used for wash-down gaskets, outdoor gaskets, and resilient cushioning pads.

Expanded Silicone Foam
Expanded Silicone Foam

The expanded silicone foam is mostly used for high-temperature applications. It can provide excellent water and dust sealing.

Expanded Silicone Foam (1)
Gasket Silicone Foam

LegenDay gasket silicone foam, with its excellent performance properties, is widely used in different industries that require long-term performance.

Insulation Silicone Foam Tube
Insulation Silicone Foam Tube

The insulation silicone foam tube has outstanding heat-resistant air aging performance, strong sealing, ozone resistance, and is moisture-proof.

Insulation Silicone Foam Tube
Silicone Foam Sealing Strip

LegenDay silicone foam sealing strip has outstanding properties, such as low and high-temperature resistance, fire-resistant, wear-resistant, etc.

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Benefits of Silicone Foam

Wide Operating Temperature
Wide Operating Temperature

Our silicone foam can resist temperature variations, ranging from -67°F to 392°F (-55°C to 200°C).

Water Sealing
Water Sealing

LegenDay silicone foam provides excellent water sealing with respectively low compressive forces.

Dust Sealing
Dust Sealing

Both closed cell and open cell silicone foam is used for sealing dust with minimum compressive forces.

Withstand Compression Set
Withstand Compression Set

It provides good compression set resistance – the ability to recoil to the original thickness.

High Thermal Insulation

LegenDay silicone foam is a great thermal insulator for several reasons:

  • Made from blown materials. It can guarantee that the cells resist heat transfer well.
  • Our silicone foam has high heat resistance.
  • Our silicone foam can withstand a compression set after heavy heat exposure.
High Thermal Insulation
Specifications of Silicone Foam Materials

Specifications of Silicone Foam Materials

Legenday manufactured silicone foams that meet UL standards, such as UL 157, UL 1572, UL 1571, UL 1570, UL 508, UL 50E, UL 50, UL 94 requirements.

Our silicone foams also meet ASTM D6576, AMS3195, AMS3196, MIL-R-6130 Type II, MIL-R-46089, and UL 94V-0 requirements.

Silicone Foam Benefits

LegenDay silicone foam has the following benefits:

  • Small to medium hardness
  • Easy to handle and user-friendly
  • Quick ambient temperature cure, no required temporary equipped parts storage
  • Small compression set that is employed at maximum service temperatures
  • Flexible and stable through a wide temperature range
Silicone Foam Benefits

LegenDay – Your Leading Silicone Foam Supplier in China

LegenDay – Your Leading Silicone Foam Supplier in China
LegenDay – Your Leading Silicone Foam Supplier in China

LegenDay is dedicated to providing high-quality silicone foam available in multiple hardness. Most of them are UL 94V-0 listed and are flame-rated UL 94. Our silicone foam is manufactured to meet industry standards for gasketing applications. With advanced manufacturing equipment, LegenDay fabricates silicone foam through custom assemblies, roll slitting, water jet cutting, and die cutting.

Please feel free to contact our team!

Common Industry Applications
Common Industry Applications

Our silicone foam is widely used in the following industries:

  • Telecommunication Outdoor Enclosure)
  • Portable Data Acquisition (cushioning and gasketing)
  • Indoor Lighting (UL 94V-0, dust gasket)
  • Outdoor LED Lighting (UL listed, long-life, weather gasket)
  • Asset Tracking (low compression set, environmental gasket)
  • Instrumentation
  • Electronics (cushioning, touch screen gaskets)
Why Use LegenDay Silicone Foam
Why Use LegenDay Silicone Foam?

There are many reasons why use silicone foam for your specific applications:

  1. Wide operating temperature
  2. Very resilient
  3. UV/Ozone resistant

The silicone foam keeps resilient and flexible in hot or freezing environments and outdoor areas. It makes them an outstanding cushion and gasket material.

Silicone Foam Production Process at LegenDay

Die Cutting
Die Cutting

LegenDay offers custom die cutting that allows us to provide unlimited customization of your silicone foam requirements. This production process enables to production of silicone foam in specific cut-outs, shapes, and diameters. One of the benefits of die cutting is its low costs and durability.

Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet Cutting

One of the sophisticated equipment in our facility is our waterjet cutters. Some advantages of waterjet cutting for silicone foam production are:

  • Accurate cut
  • Maximize material yield
  • No tool investment
  • Quick prototype
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

LegenDay can provide custom laser cutting services for your silicone foam needs. This process has the following advantage:

  • No tooling costs
  • High precise tolerancing
  • High material utilization
  • Low quantity runs
Customize Your Silicone Foams Requirement at LegenDay
Customize Your Silicone Foams Requirement at LegenDay

LegenDay is a leading provider of a custom silicone foam in China. We use high-end machines and equipment to produce a small and large volume of silicone foam. You can get benefits from our excellent quality products and services!

  • The detail level of the resin and silicone from LegenDay is awesome! Our company now has produced mass production of silicone foam. Thank you, Legenday and team.

  • LegenDay’s service is friendly and fast, a great company to do business together. I will highly recommend them for all your silicone products need.

  • Great service, perfect in the business, great products! All my silicone foams are done with Legenday!

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