Silicone Fork Manufacturer

Silicone Fork Manufacturer

Legenday is a leading supplier of silicone forks made from 100% FDA-approved silicone.

They are used widely in all kinds of kitchen tasks.

  • Used for feeding babies, blend, mash, mix, serve, etc
  • Free of BPA and lead
  • Versatile, multipurpose fork
  • Dishwasher safe

Custom Silicone Fork

The silicone fork is used in all kinds of kitchen tasks, from mixing, blending, flipping, stirring, serving, separate, to mashing and scrambling. It is the most versatile tool in the kitchen. And since it is made of food-safe silicone, they are affordable without compromising safety and quality. They are also dishwasher safe for a hassle-free cleanup, heat resistant, and highly durable.

Legenday designed and supply silicone forks with full attention to detail. We made it heat-resistant up to 446° and won’t scratch nonstick pans. Moreover, we can customize them to your required sizes, logos, colors, and shapes. For more details, please contact our team.

Fork with Wooden Handle

As the name implies, it is a silicone fork with a wooden handle. These are suitable and ideal for mixing and serving. It is comfortable to use, user-friendly, and food-safe.

Flexible Fork

We provide a flexible fork that is used to mash, stir, mix, whisk, scrape, blend, flip, scoop, shred, and lift. They are made of food-safe, non-scratch silicone to protect pans and pots.

Blending Fork

The blending fork is commonly used for blending or mixing eggs, shortening, and other ingredients. Most baking and cooking industry use them since it is heat-resistant.

Cooking Fork

Cooking forks are one of the most popular cooking utensils. It is safe and very user-friendly when dealing with non-stick surfaces. Not only for cooking, but it is also great for baking.

Baby Fork

The baby forks made of silicone are food-safe and it provides a comfortable and soft grip. They are practical tools that can encourage self-feeding for babies.

Pasta Fork

The pasta fork has excellent heat-resistant and non-stick properties. Its heat resistance is up to 480 °F. And also, when it is used for cooking, it won’t scratch non-stick cookware.

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Safe-to-Use Silicone Fork

The silicone used in developing fork is a rubber polymer created by combining oxygen, carbon, silicone, and hydrogen. It makes them safe to use and becomes a trendy option. Other reasons why,

  • Silicone fork is non-stick, soft, and flexible.
  • It is child-friendly and food-safe.
  • Non-scratch properties that protect pans and pots.
  • Unlike plastic, silicone fork is BFA-free and non-toxic.
  • It can resist heating up to 600℉, down to -40℉.
  • Recyclable
Safe-to-Use Silicone Fork
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