Silicone Gasket Manufacturer

Silicone Gasket Manufacturer in China

LegenDay produces various types of high-performance silicone gaskets. From sizes, shapes, colors, and features of silicone gaskets, we provide custom options. Our products are 100% reliable and resistant to any damage.

  • Great aesthetic finish
  • Tear and wear-resistant
  • Compression set reliance
  • Exceptional sealing potential

LegenDay Silicone Gaskets

Silicone gasket exhibits advantageous features that make it suitable for wide applications. It has excellent resistance to any damage or temperatures. Premature degradation of silicone gasket is not a problem. It is processed and tested using strict quality control.

Legenday silicone gaskets are UL-compliant, FDA-compliant, and MIL-SPEC. We are manufacturing standard and custom silicone gaskets. Availability in specialty grades, numerous hardness, and various durometers. Our extensive selection of silicone gaskets is beneficial for your company. Connect with us today!

19MM Silicone Gasket
19MM Silicone Gasket

Our 19mm silicone gasket offers exceptional sealing capabilities. This gasket is tightly packed and does not wear easily when use in tough environments.

450MM Silicone Gasket
450MM Silicone Gasket

LegenDay 450mm silicone gasket can be firm, extra-firm, or soft. It is a more economical choice for large volumes. We are providing customization for this silicone gasket.

8MM Silicone Gasket
8MM Silicone Gasket

The 8mm silicone gasket has better softness and elasticity. Our silicone gaskets are safe to use considering that it is tasteless and non-toxic. Available in different colors.

Silicone Gasket 350MM
Silicone Gasket 350MM

Our silicone gasket of 350mm is ideal for office machines, and surgical and food processing. It can also be applied to water or plumbing systems such as faucet pipes or meter valves.

Silicone 25MM Gasket
Silicone 25MM Gasket

Silicone 25mm gasket has amazing features such as being chemical-free, and resistant to oxygen, sunlight, and ozone. We make sure that it has high tensile strength and stability.

Silicone Gasket 20MM
Silicone Gasket 20MM

LegenDay silicone gasket 20mm is made from materials with low amperage and peroxide-free. Our silicone gaskets are resistant to any discoloration. Can be customize as per desired shapes.

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LegenDay Silicone Gasket Advantage

Highly Durable
Highly Durable

LegenDay silicone gaskets are made from highly durable materials. It does not require maintenance when installed and offers long service life. This silicone gasket is also wear-resistant.

Flame Retardant
Flame Retardant

The silicone gasket is tested in our laboratories for flame resistance and fire safety. Our silicone gasket features low flammability levels suitable for where excessive heat is required.

Excellent Insulation
Excellent Insulation

Our silicone gasket is an excellent insulator in high voltages and is non-reactive to high temperatures. Due to its conductive capabilities, it can shield against electromagnetic interference.

Water-repelling Material
Water-repelling Material

LegenDay silicone gasket is capable of repelling moisture, water maintaining and watertight seal. It is perfect for industries or outdoor use.

Key Features of LegenDay Silicone Gaskets

Our silicone gaskets have value in specific applications. The following are significant features it offers:

  • Can function at both hot and low temperatures
  • Can withstand heat up to 250 °C better than natural rubber
  • Works with liquids, oil, ozone, weather, and other elements
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, fungus, and age
  • Excellent resistant to compression set
  • Good elasticity and durability characteristics
  • Non-toxic, outstanding endurance
Silicone Gaskets Features
Available Silicone Material Grades

Available Silicone Material Grades

LegenDay offers silicone gaskets in a wide range of material grades and shore hardness. You can choose the right grade for your application and working conditions. The most popular grades of silicone gaskets we offer are listed below.

  • Commercial Grade Silicone
  • Food-Contact Grade Silicone
  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Flame Retardant Silicone
  • High-Temperature Silicone
  • Glass Reinforced Silicone
  • Conductive Silicone
  • Spec Grade Silicone
  • Fluorosilicone, and so on.

Custom Silicone Gasket with LegenDay

At LegenDay, we produce high-quality silicone gaskets in standard profile and custom configurations. No matter how complex the gasket design, we can retain remarkable precision. Our cutting-edge system can hold tight tolerances as close as ±0.008” or better.

Any ANSI specification you require, we will work with it. You can also send us your CAD, DIE, or DXF design files, precise drawings, or photo. Then based on that, we will produce customize silicone gaskets that meet your exact requirements. LegenDay delivers a dependable sealing solution – request a price or get in touch with us!

Custom Silicone Gasket

LegenDay: Expert Silicone Gaskets Supplier

LegenDay Expert Silicone Gaskets Supplier
LegenDay Expert Silicone Gaskets Supplier

LegenDay silicone gasket is a versatile material for different industries. It can be used in the transportation industry, commercial, and heavy equipment applications, among others. There are multiple types of silicone gaskets we offer. It comes in solid, molded, conductive types, and more. You can choose whether you need a large or small-size silicone gasket.

We also provide outstanding customization for silicone gaskets. From design to prototyping, we provide a complete solution. You can send us your ideal specifications for silicone gaskets.

Different Types of Silicone Gaskets
Different Types of Silicone Gaskets

LegenDay offers a wide range of silicone gaskets. They can be found in many different thicknesses, colors, styles, and shapes. Following are some silicone gaskets we offer and their properties.

  • Sponge silicone gaskets: provide greater padding and cushioning. Can be open or closed-cell.
  • Foam silicone gaskets: Available in different firmness levels. Withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Die cut silicone gaskets: Affordable choice. Found in a wide range of sizes and densities.
  • Molded silicone gaskets: offer a superior performing seal compared with die-cut silicone gaskets.
LegenDay Gasket Fabrication Capabilities
LegenDay Gasket Fabrication Capabilities

We can manufacture silicone gaskets and seals that work best for your project. The specialization is enhanced with our in-house tooling, prototyping abilities, and capability to purchase raw materials. Other on-site silicone gaskets fabrication capacities include:

  • Liquid injection molding
  • Die-cutting of silicone materials
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive lamination
  • Water jet cutting equipment
  • Rubber compression molding
  • Specialized cutting technology such as laser cut or lathe cut.

LegenDay Silicone Gaskets Industrial Applications

Pharmaceutical Industries

LegenDay supplies silicone gaskets for the pharmaceutical industry. These materials are all supplied with FDA approvals. Available in multiple colors such as white, black, blue, translucent, and so on.

  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • -240°C to 260°C operating temperature
  • Exceptional resistance to distortion
Electronic Industries
Electronic Industry

Highly conductive silicone gaskets are great for most electronic equipment. It offers excellent insulation that blocks EMI. These non-reactive materials come in a range of sizes and shapes.

  • Provide chemical and fuel resistance
  • Non-reactive at high temperatures
  • Custom-made to meet tolerance requirements
Chemical Industry
Chemical Industries

As silicone gaskets offer superior chemical resistance, it makes a preferred choice for the chemical industry. LegenDay silicone gaskets provide the following advantage:

  • Maintain flexibility between -67°F and +400°F
  • Extreme temperature in hot and cold settings
  • Resistant against acids, solvents, and chemicals itself
Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry

LegenDay designs silicone gaskets that have the resilience to UV, ozone, and high temperatures. Frequently the best material for space shuttles, airplanes, and other space-bound equipment.

  • Works under pressure from weather
  • Excellent for thermal insulation
  • Ideal for vibration dampening
Food and Food Processing
Food and Food Processing

LegenDay serves the food industry with food-grade silicone gaskets for various applications. Several goods it implies include molds, trays, cutlery, etc.

  • Provide high compressibility
  • Good resistance to heat, water, and chemicals
  • Features no fillers, BPS, and BPA free
Custom Silicone Gaskets Factory
Custom Silicone Gaskets Factory in China

LegenDay provides one-stop silicone gaskets service & turnkey solutions. We deliver high-performance standard and bespoke silicone gaskets. Our R&D team can make unique products based on your sketch or samples. Email us today.

  • “LegenDay is a valued partner in providing us with customized silicone gasket solutions for our customer’s specific needs. They consistently provide us with exceptional service. Give us and our clients what we want, when we want it. Looking forward to working with you again.”

  • “LegenDay offers silicone gaskets that adhere to industry standards. They have innovated in the silicone market by creating new technologies. It has assisted us to meet the always rising needs of the aerospace and military industries.”

  • “Over the years, LegenDay has been a good supplier to us. Quality of silicone gaskets is blowing away the competition. Their customer service is top in the industry with a quick turn around for quotes. Overall, dealing with LegenDay is a pleasure!”

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