Silicone Hammer Manufacturer

Silicone Hammer Manufacturer in China

With more than 2 decades of manufacturing silicone hammers with different functions and uses,

LegenDay has the capabilities of producing quality silicone hammer products.

  • Accept customization
  • 100% silicone rubber materials
  • Mass and quality production
  • Supports low MOQ

LegenDay Silicone Hammer

A silicone hammer is a product with a hammer shape or hammer functions made from silicone materials. It has good elasticity, strong flexibility, durability, and unbreakable properties. The premium quality silicone made the product long-lasting to use.

LegenDay can manufacture any hammer made with silicone rubber materials. We also accept any customization options for silicone hammer products including their color, grade & hardness, and sizes of head & handle. Send us your specific requirements, and we will work on your items.

Silicone Hammer Bubbler
Silicone Hammer Bubbler

This silicone bubbler that is made with a hammered design is part of the smoking device called a bong. It is made with platinum-cured silicone materials and is safe to drop & safe to bend.

Silicone Rubber Mallet
Silicone Rubber Mallet

Made from soft & premium quality silicone rubber which is durable and long-lasting. This silicone rubber mallet is made for setting various tiles into flooring or walling surfaces.

Back Massager Silicone Hammer
Massager Silicone Hammer

This long-handled silicone hammer is designed as a massage hammer. It is usually used on the back body part or other parts. Using this manual massager can relieve soreness and muscle fatigue.

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Silicone Hammer Features

LegenDay produced silicone hammer products that offer some advantages.

  • Made with quality and pure silicone materials
  • Available in any color
  • Lightweight
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Good elasticity
  • Strong flexibility
Silicone Hammer Features
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