Silicone Handle Manufacturer

Silicone Handle Manufacturer in China

LegenDay is a producer of silicone handles for cooking pots and pans.

We also offer customization of silicone handle with a negotiable price.

  • High heat tolerance
  • Firm and secure grip
  • Made from high-grade silicone
  • Offers low MOQ

LegenDay Silicone Handle

A silicone handle is an insulating accessory for the kitchen that protects hands from hot handles of pan or pot. These silicone handles are available for different grades and hardness, those grades and hardness requirements depends on the range of heat when cooking .Some handles are designed to provide more grip and safety.

LegenDay has the complete and proper machine for manufacturing silicone handles. We produce handles using 100% quality and food grade silicone materials. Our silicone handle customization is limitless. Any design and specifications, we can produce that excellently.

Hot Skillet Handle Holder
Hot Skillet Handle Holder

An insulating accessory for a kitchen that helps protect hands from the hot handle of a pan.  It can fit a variety of pan or pot handles.

Silicone Pot Handle Holder
Silicone Pot Handle Holder

A food-grade silicone handle for a pot holder. It can protect your hands from the hot handle of a pot up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit.

Honey Comb Silicone Pot Handle
Honey Comb Silicone Handle

Silicone handle with no rubber smell even high heat. With honeycomb design helps to have an anti-slip grip.

Silicone Assist Handle Holder
Silicone Assist Handle Holder

A BPA-free, soft, flexible, heat-insulating, flexible, durable, and anti-scalding silicone kitchen handle for pot and pan. Available for customization.

Silicone Pot Handle with Hole for Hang
Silicone Pot Handle with Hole for Hang

A silicone pot handles that offer a comfortable and secure grip. Have a design that fits snugly for some steel handles and holes for hanging.

Wafer Design Silicone Pot Handle
Wafer Design Silicone Pot Handle

A silicone pot handles with a wafer outer texture design to prevent slipping when moving the pans around. High heat and durable pot handle.

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Silicone Handle Features

Our silicone handle has the following features and advantages.

  • Made from durable silicone rubber
  • Safer to use than cloth mitts
  • -104 ºF to 464 ºF heat protection
  • Various color choices
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Offer comfortable and secure grip
Silicone Handle Features
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