Silicone Heel Pad Manufacturer

Silicone Heel Pad Manufacturer in China

LegenDay is a professional manufacturer of silicone heel pads in various designs and colors.

We can produce any silicone type of heel pad according to your specifications.

  • Excellent cushioning
  • Anti-slip & breathable
  • Ultimate heel pain relief
  • Maximize heel comfort

LegenDay Silicone Heel Pad

Heel pad made with silicone designed to provide heel comfort, pain relief on the heel, anti-slip, shock absorption, and other benefits. It comes in various designs, colors, and thicknesses. It is also wearable for both genders.

LegenDay manufactures a wide variety of heel pads that are made from premium quality silicone materials. Our silicone heel pads are perfect for walking, standing, running, hiking, and other daily activities.

Silicone Heel Swelling Pad
Silicone Heel Swelling Pad

An orthopedic heel protector made with 100% silicone. It protects the heel bone from fatigue & strain, extreme pressure, and ultimate pain. It also provides shock absorption and extra cushioning

Silicone Heel Cup Pads
Silicone Heel Cup Pads

A silicone-made heel cup provides instant pain relief on the heel. It is inserted into shoes when walking to help relieve discomfort, plantar fasciitis, sore feet, Achilles, bone spurs, Edema, etc.

Anti-slip Silicone Heel Grip Pad
Anti-slip Silicone Heel Pad

A unique design of heel pad made with 100% pure silicone. It adopts a 4D design and adjusted automatically the space for heel slip-out prevention. It also provides an extra cushion for heels.

Toe-less Silicone Heel Sleeve
Toe Less Silicone Heel Sleeve

These toe-less heel sleeves made of silicone materials help to provide compressive support for the user’s heels. It has also a breathable wrap feature that is designed to provide comfort relief and more stability.

_Silicone Cushion Heel Relief Pad
Silicone Cushion Heel Relief Pad

This silicone cushion heel pad provides complete heel protection and pain relief for the user. The breathable & soft gel helps moisturized your heels and provides a remedy for any irritation.

Brace Ability Silicone Insole Cushion Heel Pad
Brace Ability Silicone Insole Cushion Heel Pad

A silicone heel cushion pad that comes with a pair (for left and right shoes). It is available in Medium – Extra-large sizes. It can fit any shoe like sneakers, work boots, casual shoes, and other shoe types.

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Silicone Heel Pad Functions

Using LegenDay silicone heel pad products provide some functions and benefits, including:

  • Protects the heel bone from pressure
  • Protects from strain and fatigue
  • Prevents heel skin from thickening
  • Prevents cracked feet
  • Provides extra cushion
  • Ultimate relief from heel pain
Silicone Heel Pad Functions
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