silicone injection molding

Silicone Injection Molding Manufacturer in China

Legenday is a professional manufacturer of silicone injection molding which is known as a technology for the production of different materials for medical, electrical, and other durable parts.

  • Aging and temperature resistance
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Highly flexible and durable
  • Provides High tear and tensile strength

Legenday Silicone Injection Molding

The silicone injection molding process can produce custom prototypes and end-use production parts. It offers a low compression set and has the ability to resist extreme temperatures which makes them more durable and ideal for challenging applications. In this process, the two compounds are mixed and then heat-cured inside the mold with the help of a platinum catalyst in creating silicone parts.

In more than 15 years of the manufacturing process with the help of silicone injection molding, we assure to provide quality assurance. Legenday provides a one-stop silicone injection molding solution for different businesses. We can also offer customized service, and after-sales service, for an affordable price.

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Common Application of Silicone Injection Molding

We provide silicone injection molding that is widely used for the following application:

  • Low-volume productions
  • Pilot runs
  • Bridge tooling
  • Functional prototyping
  • Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive industry and more.
Common Application of Silicone Injection Molding
Excellent Features of Silicone Injection Molding

Excellent Features of Silicone Injection Molding

Silicone injection molding provides excellent feature such as:

  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Can stand for up to -50 degree Celsius up to 250 degree Celsius
  • Excellent chemical resistant
  • Resistance to bacteria growth
  • Short cycle time
  • Suitable for high-volume productions and many more.

Why Choose Silicone Injection Molding from Legenday

Design Flexibility
Design Flexibility

Silicone injection molding offers the ability to fill part geometries with a tighter tolerance. It can provide precise features, varying wall thickness, reduced likelihood of sink, negative draft, and small undercuts.

Diversity in Applications
Diversity in Applications

Our silicone injection molding is widely used in many missions such as in critical applications where failure is not an option. Legenday specialized in manufacturing silicone injection molding and tight tolerance silicone components with zero defects.

High performance Properties
High performance Properties

Legenday silicone injection molding is ideal for long-term and short-term applications. It is designed which resistance to bacteria, ease of sterilization, tasteless, odorless, and much more.


The silicone injection molding cannot be affected by any environmental factors and is able to remain attractive throughout the device’s life. Its transparency cannot be lost even if it is exposed to UV lights, heat, and moisture. Aside from that, it is very resistant to scratches, breaks, and cracks.

Custom Silicone Decoration Manufacturer in China
One Stop Silicone Injection Molding Solution for your Business

Legenday manufactured silicone injection molding to meet the demand application for different industries. We offer low MOQ, OEM&ODM services, fast delivery, and affordable price.

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