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Legenday is a trusted silicone label manufacturer in China. We create the best silicone label products with unique designs to boom your business. It benefits your marketing efforts because it is an everlasting label.

  • Entirely durable and waterproof
  • Very easy to sew onto textiles
  • Only solid colors can be used to produce silicone labels.
  • Produced according to the color and design demands of our customers

LegenDay Silicone Labels

Silicone labels, also referred to as rubber labels are used for branding different products. It offers a more robust replacement for woven labels. They are frequently used on footwear, bags, hats or pet products, outerwear, and more. When used on the outside of clothing, they can strengthen brand identity. The silicone label is good for the environment. Each product can be completely customized with your logo and a 3D multi-color effect.

LegenDay is your one-stop solution for silicone label needs. We adopt strong manufacturing capabilities, incredibly fast lead times, low MOQ, and cost-effective production. We have enduring working connections with partners across a wide range of industries. You can rely on us, so please send us your needs without hesitation.

Silicone Clothing Label
Silicone Clothing Label

Silicone clothing labels, silicone price tags, and clothing label makers are easy to sew to the fabric, washable and reusable.

Silicone Swimwear Label
Silicone Swimwear Label

Silicone swimwear label is ideal for bathing suits, soft and high quality, custom graphics and logo of your brand.

Silicone Underwear Label
Silicone Underwear Label

Silicone underwear label is a transparent tags clothing that is sustainable, waterproof, pliable, and soft, enhancing the look of the garment.

Silicone Shoes Logo Label
Silicone Shoes Logo Label

For a durable label or tag, we create premium quality wholesale silicone labels for the shoe industry. Available in vivid colors, white, black, red, blue, etc.

Silicone Bag Label
Silicone Bag Label

Legenday can translate your bag design, logo, or idea into 3D and stylish silicone bag label. Our specialist graphic designers will create a beautiful design for you.

Custom Silicone Label
Custom Silicone Label

Great for branding your products, silicone labels are vibrant, eye-catching label, cost-effective providing a unique high-end look.

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LegenDay Silicone Label Specifications

 Color Red, white, black, yellow, etc.
Material Silicone Rubber
Finish Glossy, matte, etc.
Pattern Embossed, Designer, Printed, and custom
Thickness As per requirements
Available Shape Square, oval, rectangular, triangle, etc.
Applications Used in garments, clothing, footwear, bags, swimwear, luggage, etc.
LegenDay Silicone Label Specifications
Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Label

Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Label?

  • No carcinogenic substances on our labels
  • High-quality non-toxic material
  • Easily in baby and child products
  • Robust and high-quality form
  • Pretty good brand marketing product
  • Offers comfort to users with its soft structure
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Does not itch or deform
  • Can be customized according to your request

Customize Silicone Label in LegenDay

LegenDay is committed to the satisfaction of clients and the success of your business. Thus, we offer full customization of silicone labels that can boom your brand. You can choose the design, sizes, shapes, color, and finish, according to your specifications. Legenday is trusted and provides the following benefits:

  • We offer free samples and you can test out our samples to verify the details.
  • Assurance of lead time, approximately 15 days is promised.
  • We are supported by a skilled business team and professional staff to guarantee effective communication.
  • A quick answer to any questions within a day.
Customize Silicone Label in LegenDay
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