Silicone Loofah Manufacturer

Silicone Loofah Manufacturer in China

Legenday professionally designs custom loofahs made from safe and soft silicone material.

We can offer wholesale supplies at an affordable cost, perfect for starting a business.

  • Helps exfoliate skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Perfect for every skin type
  • Available in custom colors

Legenday Silicone Loofah

The silicone loofahs are an excellent replacement for a body washcloth or bristle brush. The silicone materials used as loofahs give more advantages to the body, like their lessening cellulite in problem parts. These loofahs are rigid enough to endure high temperatures for boiled cleaning. That means they are more hygienic to use than others. 

Legenday provides bulky or wholesale custom silicone loofahs for business. There is a comprehensive option according to sizes, designs, and hues. That makes your end customers widen their product selections. Here at Legenday, we also accommodate your logo customization requests for branding.

Silicone Three-Finger Loofah
Silicone Three-Finger Loofah

The silicone three-finger loofahs are perfect for smell removal and dehumidification usages. They are 100% food-grade and multifunctional.

Silicone Loofah Soft Sponge
Silicone Loofah with Soft Sponge

Silicone loofahs with soft sponges have customizable colors and printed logos. They effectively exfoliate the skin and remove make-up or dirt.

Silicone Shower Bath Loofah
Silicone Shower Bath Loofah

The silicone shower bath loofahs are more comfortable to use for the body and remove dead skin. They come in different sizes, prints, and colors.

Silicone Massage Scalp Loofah
Silicone Massage Scalp Loofah

Silicone massage scalp loofahs feature softness and are multifunctional. These loofahs are for bath and scalp massaging.

Silicone Double Sided Loofah
Silicone Double Sided Loofah

The silicone double-sided loofahs are smooth, portable, and super hygienic. They also have durable sides, perfect for massage and exfoliating.

Silicone Cleaning Brush Loofah
Silicone Cleaning Brush Loofah

Silicone cleaning brush loofahs come with short and rigid silicone particles, perfect for gentle massaging effects. They resist heat and dry quickly.

Long Silicone Body Loofah
Long Silicone Body Loofah

The long silicone body loofahs have long lengths, perfect for the whole body, including at the back. These loofahs have multiple color options.

Four-Sided Silicone Loofah
Four-Sided Silicone Loofah

The silicone loofahs with four sides are made from pure food-grade silicone. They have heat resistance and easy-to-carry features. 

Handheld Body Silicone Loofah
Handheld Silicone Loofah

Handheld body silicone loofahs come with smooth silicone bristles with anti-flip strips. These silicone-made loofahs are safer to use and easy to clean.

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Custom Silicone Loofahs Advantages

Legenday’s expert team designs custom silicone-made loofahs with limitless advantages. That includes the following:

  • Easy massage
  • Convenient for everyday use
  • Suitable for babies and adults
  • Easy to carry
  • Cleansing horny
  • Easy to use
  • Fast drying and simple to clean
  • Ultra-soft scrubber
  • Comes with single or double-sided
  • Removes dirt and dead skin cells
  • Perfect for the whole body
  • more
Custom Silicone Loofahs Advantages
  • “Thank you, Legenday, for consistently delivering our bulky silicone loofah order on time and with excellent packaging. We now feel confident in our capability to meet customer demands.”

  • “We like working with Legenday because we know they’ll take care of our custom orders. Since silicone loofah is in high demand, we can offer our customers a selection of these products.”

  • “Ledenday offers not only a fantastic deal but also top-notch customer support. The team made us feel at ease when we spoke to them, and their assistance was seamless. They look out for our company’s best interests. And we appreciate that a lot.”

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