Silicone Nipple Manufacturer

Silicone Nipple Manufacturer in China

LegenDay is a provider of non-toxic and BPA-free silicone nipples.

Our soft silicone nipple provides safe and comfortable for both mother and babies.

  • Food-grade silicone
  • Competitive price
  • Support low MOQ
  • Support Customization

LegenDay Silicone Nipple

A silicone nipple is a nipple-shaped shield made with silicone apply to the mother’s nipples breast. It helps babies to learn how to breastfeed. It has a teat design to provide firm stimulus into the baby’s mouth and help them suckle effectively.

LegenDay adopts various unique designs of silicone nipples to provide the ever-changing demand for this product on the global market. We can manufacture any type and style of silicone nipple. We also offer low MOQ and provide fast shipping.

Triple Vented Silicone Nipple
Triple Vented Silicone Nipple

With anti-colic and 360° advanced system that helps relieves air pressure for babies. Soft, non-toxic, BFA-free, and ensures safety for babies.

Silicone Double-layer Breast Nipple
Silicone Double-layer Breast Nipple

Made with soft, 100% clear, and food-grade silicone materials. This nipple shield is designed to provide solutions for breastfeeding issues.

Fast Flow Silicone Replacement Nipple
Fast Flow Silicone Replacement Nipple

Soft and naturally shaped dual anti-colic vents silicone nipples. Made with 100% safe hygienic silicone and ideal for breastfed babies.

Proper Curved Contact Silicone Nipple
Proper Curved Contact Silicone Nipple

Has a practical design of a properly curved nipple that allows fitting into the mother’s nipple firmly and closely. BFA-free silicone nipples.

New Born Baby Silicone Nipple
New Born Baby Silicone Nipple

Soft and safe silicone nipple design that is intended for newborn babies. It provides maximum comfort between the mother’s skin and the baby’s lips.

Non-drip Silicone Nipple
Non-drip Soft Silicone Nipple

A soft textured and non-drip design of silicone nipples provides leak and spill resistance. It also allows great control of the flow rate for babies.

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Advantages of using Silicone Nipple

Nipple made with silicone materials provides some advantages for mothers and babies. It includes:

  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • It eliminates issues of nipple confusion
  • 100% hygienic and safe silicone
  • Safe to boil, microwave, sterilized, and dishwasher
Advantages of using silicone nipple
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