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Custom Silicone Rings Manufacturer in China

LegenDay manufactures a variety of silicone accessories, including rings. We provide them with different sizes, colors, designs, and custom logos -perfect for starting a business.

  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Suitable for active lifestyles
  • Available in a wide range of styles
  • Fashionable and eco-friendly

LegenDay Silicone Rings

The silicone rings are similar to wristbands but smaller. They are a versatile and secure alternative ring to wear while working out, working, or playing. These classy accessories made from silicone can be a fun statement and promoting tool for organizations or brands. Aside from their affordability, these rings are easy to customize with unique patterns and engraved prints, making them more in-demand in the markets than metal ones.

LegenDay utilized medical-grade silicone materials for manufacturing silicone ring accessories. Our design team customizes your requested packaging for business, which includes mesh bags, velvet bags, colorful paper boxes, luxury boxes, etc.

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Heat Resistant Silicone Gift Ring
Heat Resistant Silicone Gift Ring

The heat-resistant silicone gift rings are available in different colors and sizes options. They are produced using molded and extruded silicone processes. These rings are non-toxic and odorless.

Custom Promotion Silicone Ring
Custom Promotion Silicone Ring

Custom promotion silicone rings are perfect for various occasions, like parties, anniversaries, engagements, etc. They are ideal for all gender and customized logos in embossed prints.

Silicone Stackable Skin Ring
Silicone Stackable Skin Ring

The silicone stackable skin rings have a romantic style perfect for gifts. A comprehensive range of hues, designs, and sizes are available. These eco-friendly accessories are fashionable.

Silicone Printed Design Ring
Silicone Printed Design Ring

The silicone printed design rings feature simplicity, anti-static, non-sticky, and dust-free properties. They are suitable for decorations, gifts, accessories, and advertising applications.

Luxury Silicone Ring Band
Luxury Silicone Ring Band

The luxury silicone ring bands have high polished plating with plain or engraved printings. They are suitable for any gender and all ages. You can also request to print your logos for branding.

Silicone Masonic Wedding Ring
Silicone Masonic Ring

The silicone masonic rings come with glitters and other unique patterns. They are available in sporty and casual styles. Any Pantone hues rings are available in different sizes.

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Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Rings


Silicone-made rings are the preference of those whose allergic to metals and have sensitive skins. They are suitable for all wearers.


LegenDay silicone rings are more budget-friendly than traditional rings. Custom rings made from silicone are available for different occasions and look at low costs.


The silicone rings are wearable and classy. They are suitable for construction workers, enthusiasts, electricians, and other people who work using their hands.


Silicone-made rings are lighter than metal ones. The wearer doesn’t even feel the presence of it on their fingers-ideal alternative for heavy rings.

Customize Your Silicone Ring Features

LegenDay expertly customizes silicone-made rings for business and advertising organizations. We can provide the following ring feature improvement for you.

  • More glowing effects
  • We can add unique glitter effects
  • Adding segment or color hues to your rings
  • We can provide even your most complicated ring designs
  • Added silkscreen designs inside the ring
  • Embossed or screen-printed messages inside the rings
  • More requested designs are accommodated
Customize Your Silicone Ring Features
Silicon Ring

Silicone vs. Metal Rings

Here are some differences between silicone and metal-made ring:

  • Comfort: Metal rings are not stretchable as silicone ones. That makes them more uncomfortable to wear. 
  • Safety: Silicone rings are safer to wear than metal ones. They don’t conduct electricity, while metals can cause electrocution injury.
  • Durability: The metal rings last for a long time than silicone. However, silicone is a very durable rubber material and is not easy to break.
  • Cost: The silicone-made rings are more affordable than metals. 

Why Choose LegenDay Services

Here are some of our advantages and reasons why trust our services.

  • Manufacturing Experience: LegenDay has more than a decade of manufacturing experience. And supplies a thousand clients worldwide.
  • One-Stop Service: We provide a one-stop-shop solution and high-quality custom silicone products.
  • High-Quality Solutions: Our professional team produces precise solutions for requested products.
  • Expert & Technical: LegenDay uses advanced CNC machines for manufacturing, specializes in details, and performs strict quality controls.
Why Choose LegenDay Services

LegenDay- Your Expert Silicone Ring Supplier in China

Silicone Ring
Silicone Ring Characteristics

LegenDay offers advantageous silicon-made rings and other accessories for your business. We ensure that our offers possess the following characteristics.

  • Excellent toughness
  • Non-toxic and harmless
  • Flexible and rigid
  • Water resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electric resistance
  • Available in different sizes
  • Stylish and convenient
  • more
Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Processes

LegenDay performs the following production procedure:

  1. Sending customize designs
  2. Order confirmation
  3. CNC machining
  4. Measuring molds
  5. Preparing raw materials
  6. Mixing and coloring process
  7. Production process
  8. Sample inspection
  9. Removing burrs
  10. Assembling ring products
  11. Packaging inspection and shipping

Custom Silicone Ring Style Options

Classic Silicone Ring
Classic Silicone Ring

The low profile and classic silicone rings are breathable, keeps finger dry, and promote airflows. They are comfortably placed on the wearer’s fingers and have flexibility when fingers are moving. This style is the most typical and famous.

Metallic-Like Silicone Ring
Metallic-Like Silicone Ring

LegenDay manufactures metallic-like silicone rings, a perfect alternative for metal wedding rings. They are infused with refined metals to fulfill extraordinary metallic effects. With the comfort and versatility of silicone-made rings, the metal shine will achieve.

Engraved Silicone Ring
Engraved Silicone Ring

The engraved silicone rings are in-demand for various events, like weddings, anniversaries, promotions, and advertisements. LegenDay can customize them with:

  • Custom text
  • Monogram
  • Customized icons
Fancy-Shape Silicone Ring
Fancy-Shape Silicone Ring

Legenday designers loved to form a comprehensive range of various and unique silicone-made rings. Silicone materials are more adaptable than metals. We offer the following designs:

  • Peak style ring
  • Scallop-shaped
  • Feather style ring
  • custom
Silicone Ring Supplier
Wholesale Silicone Rings to Improve Your Business

LegenDay provides wholesale supplies of silicone rings at a reasonable cost. We always satisfy our customers with high-quality ring specifications and quick delivery services. Our constant supplying assistance indeed helps your business sale grow every day.

  • “We appreciate how LegenDay provides our needed silicone rings for business. They made them with excellent qualities yet at affordable wholesale cost. Our customers love them so much.”

  • LegenDay silicone products, especially ring, help enhance our everyday sales and multiply our customers. Our requested customized designs with our logos are well processed. Thanks to the LegenDay expert team!”

  • “Our requested bulky orders arrived on time. LegenDay secured their packaging, and the silicone-made rings are in good condition. We are confident to introduce them to our new customers.”

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