What is Silicone Rubber Rectangular Strip?

As the name suggests, these are silicone rubber strips with a rectangular shape. Their unique rectangular shapes makes them perfect for specific applications, which we will discuss here.

Additionally, the silicone rubber materials guarantee superior performance properties.

Solid vs Hollow Silicone Rubber Strip

Hollow vs Solid Rectangle Silicone Rubber Strip
Hollow vs Solid Rectangle Silicone Rubber Strip

Before you decide between solid and hollow rectangle silicone rubber strips, know the following differences about them:

· Weight Comparison

If you need strips that are light to meet specific work needs, stick with hollow silicone rubber strips. They are lighter compared to solid ones.

· Load and Force

Solid silicone rubber strips are perfect for high pressure or structural sealing. On the other hand, hollow silicone rubber strips are perfect for insulation and cushioning.

· Cost

You will save more money with hollow silicone rubber strips compared to solid silicone rubber strips. So, if your project will not require the strength slid strips bring, stick with hollow strips.

· Environmental Factors

Solid and hollow silicone rubber strips both have exceptional resistance to temperature and UV light. Nonetheless, solid strips have an added property of being highly durable which hollow silicone rubber strips don’t have.

Properties of Silicone Rubber Rectangular Strip.

Below are some properties of silicone rubber rectangular strips:

Thermal Properties

  • Is able to resist heat even at the highest temperature
  • Can withstand temperatures that range from -60°C to +230°C or higher

Physical Properties

  • Highly flexible and elastic
  • Its compression set is low
  • Resistant to different environmental factors like UV rays, etc.
  • Doesn’t age with ease even after years
  • Can be purchased in variety of colors
  • Comes in clear forms too
  • Customization is simple
  • Durable

Chemical Properties

  • Doesn’t react with countless substances
  • Highly inert
  • It is not toxic
  • Hydrophobic by nature. So, it repelling water and moisture. This prevents mold growth

Mechanical Properties

  • Made in unique levels of hardness. This is to meet different user needs
  • Has reasonable tensile strength
  • Is able to resist tear

Electrical Properties

  • Has high dielectric strength
  • Exceptional electrical insulation features

Rectangular Silicone Rubber Applications

Rectangle Silicone Rubber Strip
Rectangle Silicone Rubber Strip

Some applications of these strips include;

  • Medical industry devices like seals, medical tubes, etc.
  • Automotive industry parts sealing like seals, hoses, gaskets, etc.
  • Food Industry tools like food storage seals, baking mats, etc.
  • Electrical device insulation
  • Sealing holes or gaps in equipment
  • Used as spacers in window and glass installation
  • Keep furniture and consumer products edges secure
  • Plumbing gaskets
  • HVAC system gaskets
  • Creating surfaces that do not slip


The cost of silicone rubber rectangular strips can be high due to their unique properties. In choosing the ideal strip types to use, always consider your applications and specific properties.

At LEGENDAY, we have a range of silicone rubber products tailored to meet specific needs of our customers – send inquiries now.

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