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Silicone screw is a type of fastener made from silicone material,used for holding and tightening some items. Unlike traditional screws made from metals or plastics, silicone screws are soft, flexible, and exhibit several advantageous characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications.

We maintain a diverse inventory of silicone screws, and we offer customization options for your branding needs. You have the choice of having your logo printed, debossed, or embossed on these silicone screws, giving you complete control over the design. The choice is yours.

Silicone Mount Screw Pin Rivet
Silicone Mount Screw Pin Rivet
Silicone Mounting Screw
Silicone Mounting Screw
Silicone Button Screw
Silicone Rubber Button Screw
Rubber Bumper Silicone Screw Button
Rubber Bumper Silicone Screw Button
Silicone Push Fastener with Drive Rivet Screw
Silicone Push Fastener with Drive Rivet Screw
Car Retainer Expansion Silicone Screw
Car Retainer Expansion Silicone Screw
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Applications of Silicone screw

Silicone screws are not suitable for high-stress load-bearing applications, so below are their common uses:

  • Medical Devices: Silicone screws are used in various medical devices and equipment due to their biocompatibility. They can be found in surgical instruments, prosthetics, and dental equipment.
  • Electronics: Silicone screws are used in electronics manufacturing for applications requiring electrical insulation. They help prevent electrical conductivity and offer protection against moisture and contaminants.
  • Sealing and Gaskets: Due to their ability to create a tight seal, silicone screws are employed in sealing applications, such as sealing lids or covers on containers and equipment.
  • Vibration Dampening: Silicone’s softness and flexibility make silicone screws useful in applications where vibration dampening or shock absorption is needed, such as in automotive components and machinery.
  • Consumer Products: Silicone screws can be found in consumer goods like kitchen appliances, toys, and electronics, where their soft and gentle touch is advantageous.
  • Industrial Applications: In industrial settings, silicone screws are used in various equipment and machinery to provide sealing, insulation, or cushioning properties.
Silicone Screw Application

Advantages of Silicone Screw

Compared with other material screws, silicone screws can serve as an excellent alternative since it is corrosion-resistant, making it a rust-free option for both button and threaded applications. Below are their main advantages:

  • Flexibility: Silicone screws are soft and pliable, allowing them to conform to irregular surfaces and provide a cushioning effect. This characteristic is particularly useful in applications where a gentler touch is required.
  • Temperature Resistance: Silicone can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold to high heat, without losing its properties. This makes silicone screws ideal for applications in both hot and cold environments.
  • Chemical Resistance: Silicone is highly resistant to many chemicals, oils, and solvents. Silicone screws can be used in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.
  • Biocompatibility: Silicone is biocompatible, meaning it can be safely used in contact with human skin and tissues. As a result, silicone screws are commonly found in medical and healthcare applications.
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