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Silicone Shoe Covers Manufacturer in China

LegenDay is a professional silicone shoe cover manufacturer in China. We use durable and

high-quality silicone materials, can stretch to fit most sizes of adult footwear. Message us now!

  • Accessible in different colors to suit all style
  • Provide protection from the weather
  • Personalized to fit your requirements
  • Lightweight and fashionable

LegenDay Silicone Shoe Covers

LegenDay silicone shoe covers are designed from high-quality 100% silicone. Perfect for use in traveling on wet days to engage in hobbies such as camping, trekking, and fishing. It protects the shoes and feet from snow, dirt, dust, and rain all day. Keep the shoes clean and fresh. It has a thickening design with slip-resistant bottoms. These rain shoe covers are extremely long-lasting. Comfortable to wear because of their ultra-elastic characteristics. Can be used to prevent germs from being tracked in from outside. It is simple to wear over any shoe while maintaining the shape and appearance of your footwear.

Being a leading manufacturer, LegenDay can custom silicone shoe covers according to your design and sample. With advanced manufacturing lines and techniques, we can support a large volume of production at a low cost. Get in touch now!

Unisex Silicone Shoe Cover
Unisex Silicone Shoe Cover

Unisex silicone shoe cover designed for women and men. Available in all sizes and colors. Light and stylish, easy to carry, easy to put on and take off.

WaterProof Silicone Shoe Cover
Waterproof Silicone Shoe Cover

Waterproof silicone shoe cover is made from high-grade silicone, quick-drying, and dustproof. Offer excellent reliability and safety.

Reusable Silicone Shoe Cover
Reusable Silicone Shoe Cover

Reusable silicone shoe cover is washable and comfortably worn many times. Keep different shoes dry and clean all day.

Silicone Shoe Cover for Kids
Silicone Shoe Cover for Kids

Silicone shoe covers for kids offers at a very cost-effective wholesale price. Guaranteed quality and high performance.

Foldable Silicone Shoe Cover
Foldable Silicone Shoe Cover

Foldable silicone shoe cover features easy storage in a handbag or backpack. Lightweight and easy to clean, comfortably worn.

Custom Silicone Shoe Cover
Custom Silicone Shoe Cover

Custom silicone shoe cover has good elasticity that can stretch freely. You can order in any quantity, design, color, and feature.

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Why Choose LegenDay Silicone Shoe Covers?

  • Engineered from ultra-premium grade silicone
  • Can be folded, and easy to store in your bag
  • Incredibly easy to wear over any shoe
  • A non-slip line design ensures safety and durability
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Perfect for protecting the feet against the weather
  • Easy to clean and can be comfortably worn
  • OEM design to skyrocket your business
Silicone Shoe Cover Supplier
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