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Silicone Spatula Manufacturer in China

LegenDay skilfully produces and customizes different silicone spatula, ideal for bakeries, pastries, and other applications. We offer a full range of silicone-made spatulas with our whole QC system, checking, development, and extensive experience. 

  • BPA-Free
  • Customizable color and size
  • FDA and LFGB approved
  • Sustainable

LegenDay Silicone Spatula

The silicone spatulas are a combination of flexible silicone materials with heat-resistant qualities. They are among the valuable kitchen tools, mainly used for baking. These spatulas made from silicone feature flexibility and softness. They never scratch cookwares but still can get most cream or foods out of bowl or pans’ sides. Despite their softness, these kitchen tools are sturdy and not easy to break. Moreover, they are used for mixing dry and wet components. 

LegenDay provides your desired silicone-made spatulas. Your requested sizes, colors, patterns, and types are precisely manufactured by our experts. Their logos and packaging are also customizable to suit your business requirements. The packing options include plastic shells, fine paper, sealed plastic, etc.

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Mixing Silicone Spatula Turner

Mixing silicone spatula turners is best for flipping and mixing various recipes. From the main course to the sauce, the silicone-coated spatula has a rigid grip on any cooking pleasure.  

Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula
Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula

The heat-resistant silicone spatula has a relatively high heat resistance and durability for everyday use. It is also flexible enough to get in all directions. Their colors and sizes are customizable.

Flexible Silicone Cream Spatula
Flexible Silicone Cream Spatula

The flexible silicone cream spatula is made from the best quality silicone making it non-toxic and healthy. It also has a top spot for rigidity and flexibility, ideal for stirring and thicker mixtures.

Silicone Mixing Cream Spatula
Silicone Mixing Cream Spatula

The silicone mixing cream spatula has a versatile and hygienic design, convenient for smoothing cake batter, making it suitable for cooking. This is one of the in-demand designs in the market.

Silicone Non-stick Spatulas
Silicone Non-stick Spatulas

The Silicone non-stick spatula quality consists of the heat and stick resistance perfect for cooking on a non-stick pan. Available to order in various colors and lengths.

Batter Scraper Silicone Spatula
Batter Scraper Silicone Spatula

The batter scraper silicone spatula has the right amount of resiliency for scraping down the sides of any bowl, including the rounded ones. It is not just for scraping but also for mixing.

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LegenDay Silicone Spatula Advantages

Easy to Clean
Easy to Clean

Most silicone-made tools, including spatulas, are dish-washer safe, unlike wooden ones. We can easily clean such kitchen tools without leaving any residues.


Depending on shapes, spatulas are multitasking. They can scrape pans, fold batter, and scoop. The suitable sizes firmly balance the grip and mix the ingredients correctly.

Heat Resistance
Heat Resistance

The silicone-made spatulas are known for their heat resistance feature. They work well at high temperatures without wrapping, discoloring, and even melting.


Comfort is a must for choosing the silicone spatula qualities. There is a wide range of sizes option, perfect for every application, bringing comfort to hands and arms.

Silicone Spatula Salient Features

LegenDay provides the retail and project businesses with silicone spatula supplies. They come with beneficial features such as follows: 

  • Perfect for non-stick cookware
  • Sturdy yet flexible
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Don’t conduct heat and absorb moisture
  • Food-grade silicone material
  • Non-toxic, impermeable, anti-dust, and tasteless
  • Available in different designs and shapes
  • OEM and ODM requests are welcome
Silicone Spatula Salient Features
Silicone Spatula

Types of Silicone-Made Spatula

There are three categories of spatulas made from silicone materials. Every type has its particular purposes, features, and options. The following defines them and may be a perfect choice for your business and project applications.

  • Flippers or Turners: This spatula has a long handle with a wide thin surface. It is typically in a trapezoid shape with a tapered tip.
  • Spreaders: It has a long and narrow, sword-resembled spatula. This tool has a versatile blade with a rounded head perfect for culinary battles.
  • Scrapers: This silicone spatula type is designed with a rectangular head with a rounded edge point into a straight handle end. It comes with various lengths and widths options.

Why Rely on LegenDay Services

LegenDay is a professional supplier with comprehensive experience. Below are our advantages and reasons why rely on our services.

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Excellent Manufacturing Performance
  • Guaranteed Delivery Time
  • Complete Service and Assistance
Why Rely on LegenDay Services

Customize Your Silicone Spatula Supplies with LegenDay

Customize Your Silicone Spatula Supplies with LegenDay
Silicone Spatula

LegenDay performs two times cutting procedures, weighing, and quality controls. Our manufacturing team accommodates customers’ personalized designs for their business. We guarantee food-grade silicone materials used for spatula supplies to enhance health and safety. 

Feel free to send us your customization details, and we will do the rest of the process!

Silicone Spatula
Customization Order Procedure

If you desire to customize your silicone spatulas and other related products, the following gives you ideas on how we handle such customization order procedures.

  1. Online inquiries
  2. Sending custom designs for quotation
  3. Open mold procedure
  4. Production of samples
  5. Sending samples for confirmation
  6. Third-party inspection
  7. Producing bulk orders
  8. Quality control inspection
  9. Shipping and after-sale services
Our Manufacturing Processes
Our Manufacturing Processes

LegenDay performs various manufacturing techniques along with expert workers using advanced equipment. We manufacture silicone-made spatulas by:

  1. Selecting silicone materials
  2. Cutting procedure
  3. Oil pressure process
  4. Burr tearing technique
  5. Printing the approved and customized logos
  6. Sparying oil procedure
  7. Packaging
  8. Attaching delivery marks
  9. Delivering orders

What Makes Silicone Spatula In-Demand in Markets

Being Stain-Resistant

The food and baking industries preferred stain-resistant spatulas that can be found in silicone-made ones. They have non-porous characteristics, making them resist odor or colors when utilizing them for mixing deep-colored foods. Also, compared to wooden ones, the silicone-made spatulas don’t support microbial growth, making them safe to use.

Rubber-Like Spatula
Rubber-Like Spatula

The silicone spatulas’ rubber-like characteristics make them user-friendly, especially when exposing non-sticky surfaces. They will never damage or scratch the cooking pots. Their rubber-like features allow them to be used for cleaning off scraping cake batter from the mixing bowl. And these properties are one food & pastry industries need.

Being Non-Corrosive

Unlike metal spatulas, the silicone ones don’t rust even after exposing food acids and extreme temperatures. That means they will last longer than other metal-made kitchen utensils. Since these spatulas are made from Food-grade silicone, they ensure safety for food usage. That makes this silicone-made spatula different from others and typically preferred by end customers.

Silicone Spatula Supplier
Bulky Silicone Spatula to Elevate Your Business

For the LegenDay team, client satisfaction is our top priority. We invest highly in giving full service, individualized customization, and speed delivery. Not just that, we’re happy to offer another product line of safe and high-quality silicone, the LegenDay silicone spatula.

  • “LegenDay delivery service was excellent. Our order came a head time of delivery time. And the process was seamless. We were impressed with the entire process.”

  • “Thanks, LegenDay, for offering help and giving us numerous ideas of what silicone spatula and other related products we are needed to widen our customers’ selections. Truly, our customers love the qualities. We appreciated it sincerely.” 

  • “LegenDay team helps us fit the design we wanted to. From the colors to the length, everything was made sufficiently. It was the best that can be done for giving us exactly what we asked for.”

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