• Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet
  • Silicone Sponge Sheet

Silicone Sponge Sheet

Silicone sponge sheet works effectively in applications requiring a soft, compressible material. It is particularly effective in high-temperature settings. Various sizes, densities, and colors of silicone sponge sheets and strips with self-adhesive backing are available for purchase. 

  • Highly versatile design
  • Extraordinary sealing skills
  • Superior thermal robustness
  • Multiple operating temperatures
  • Anti-microbial and anti-mildew

LegenDay is Your Go-to Source for Silicone Sponge Sheet - The China-Based Company

Silicone sponge sheet features a smoother external wall and closed-cell design. We could also offer a range of qualities specific to particular purposes. The finest alternative for bendable material that ordinary rubber cannot supply is LegenDay silicone sponge sheets. Since liquids and gases cannot pass through the sheets, they offer excellent sealing and insulating properties. 

LegenDay designs silicone sponge sheets for you if you require specialized ones. This guarantees that you will always receive the best product to suit your particular demands.

Please get in touch with us right away!

Possible Applications

  • Environmental protection
  • Automotive and electrical gaskets
  • Applications for sealing
  • Equipment for the middle
  • Panels of access
  • Insulation
  • Vibration dampening
  • Gaskets, adhesive tapes, full rolls, and strip cut lengths are all available.
Possible Applications
International Certifications

International Certifications

We meet international certifications in order to give quality assurance, such as:

  • FDA compliant ‘food safe’
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • CE
  • EN45545-2
  • RoHS
  • REACH and so on

Primary Benefits of Silicone Sponge Sheet

Wide operational temperature range: Silicone sponge can withstand temperatures between -60°C and 260°C.

Water sealing: It’s made possible by the closed cell structure, which also allows for effective water sealing with only moderate compressive stresses.

Resistance to compression set: Silicone has great resistance to compression set, particularly at temperatures that are higher.

Ozone and UV protection: Due in part to their organic structure, silicone goods have exceptional UV and ozone resistance. Long-lasting performance is provided by this.

Rugged: In situations where silicone is necessary, silicone sponge pieces are more robust than some other commercially available alternatives.

Primary Benefits of Silicone Sponge Sheet
Product: Silicone Sponge Sheeting
Density: 200 – 530 kg/m3
Material: Silicone sponge
Color: Black, White, Red Oxide, Blue
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