Silicone Vase Manufacturer

Custom Silicone Vase Manufacturer

Legenday supplies stylish and versatile silicone vases ideal for any smooth surface including refrigerators, glass cabinets,

windows, glass doors, mirrors, ceramic tiles, and more. It can also be placed on tables, offices, rooms, etc.

  • 100% Safe silicone material
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Strong adsorption and long-lasting
  • Removable and reusable

Wholesale Silicone Vase

Silicone flower vase is a durable item used for home and office decoration, weddings, festivals, any parties, etc. It can be placed on many wall surfaces directly without glue or placed on the table, etc. This product is also used to grow plants in indoor areas, patios, or offices. Made from silicone material ensure eco-friendly, unbreakable, anti-dust, soft, non-stick, and durable features. This is flexible, portable, and lightweight, easy to transport and store. It is FDA, SGS, ROHS approved product. Comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.

LegenDay accepts OEM customization according to your idea or drawings to skyrocket your business. All products are manufactured in our advanced facility, with excellent silicone mold, and machines. With skilled engineers and designers, you can rely on our expertise, strict quality control, and delivery. We support a large volume of production at a low cost. Please get in touch now!

Body Torso Silicone Vase
Body Torso Silicone Vase

Body torso silicone vase perfect for different plants, branches, wheat, pearls, pebbles, etc. Made from strong and premium silicone material.

Cylinder Silicone Vase
Cylinder Silicone Vase

Cylinder shape silicone vase is the perfect gift for friends or family members, decoration for the room, and more. Flexible and durable silicone vase.

Geometric Silicone Vase
Geometric Silicone Vase

Geometric silicone vase is used as a modern decorative flower vase for living rooms, tables, offices, home decor, etc. High-quality and unbreakable.

Tall Conic Silicone Vase
Tall Conical Silicone Vase

Tall conical silicone vase to arrange various plants indoor,  interior space fresh and clean feeling. Simply and elegant design vase.

Wall Hanging Silicone Vase
Wall Hanging Silicone Vase

Wall hanging silicone vase is reusable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, available in transparent, blue, pink and more colors.

Waterproof Silicone Vase
Waterproof Silicone Vase

Waterproof Silicone Vase is a foldable, drop-proof, decorative design with a customized logo and color. Easy to clean, easy to carry.

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Let LegenDay Custom Silicone Vase Production

  • Fast production while reducing the carbon footprint
  • Eco-friendly products to nurture beautiful plants
  • Various color choices to match the different taste
  • Suitable to hold artificial plants or real flowers
  • Can be custom print your logo and arts
  • Low MOQ to support your start-up business
  • Cost-effective wholesale price
Silicone Vase Manufacturer
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