• Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers
  • Silicone Washers

Silicone Washers

The silicone washers are among flexible silicone-made components. They typically function as seals and damps. Washers are spacing parts that secure the industrial devices while operating as a sturdy buffer. Moreover, they come with various benefits for specific purposes.

  • Lack of tension prevention
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Anti-vibration
  • Versatile
  • Reliable operation
  • Good elasticity
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions
  • High temperature resistant
  • UV resistant
  • And more

Legenday - Professional Silicone Washer Manufacturer

Legenday focuses on manufacturing silicone components, including washers. You can choose the suitable ones from our extensive silicone washer options. Whether you need round, square, or customized shapes, we design them for you. Their configurations are also produced according to your choice. We provide silicone-made washers with sideway slots or multiple holes, depending on your applications. 

As your expert supplier, we ensure the compatibility of the silicone washers you invest in, not only one-size-fits-all. Furthermore, if you need washers for insulations, silicone-made ones are perfect. Their lightweight and smooth surfaces allow safe usage- achieving scratch-free parts during the operation.

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What We Customize

The silicone washer is ideal and convenient for various uses. They are, therefore, open to customized options.

  • Dimensions. The silicone washers are accessible in standard and custom sizes. 
  • Precise Tolerance. A specific tolerance request is accepted based on the RMA guide. 
  • Grade Options. Offered in medical, food, and construction-type grades. 
  • Color. There is a range of color selections for silicone washers. 
  • Pad printing. For identification purposes, printing for individual parts is also provided. 
  • Material. These washers come in a variety of rubber material variations.


What We Customize
Silicone Washer Applications

Silicone Washer Applications

The silicone washer is a multipurpose device with numerous uses. Specifically, these are their methods of use.

  • Gap Filling
  • Cushioning
  • Ducting seals
  • Lightings
  • Locking 
  • Wear pads
  • Installation
  • Spacers
  • Springs
  • More

Silicone and Neoprene Washer Differences

Washers produced from both silicone and neoprene materials are from synthetic rubbers. However, they have distinct characteristics which emphasize their uniqueness. 

For example, silicone-made washers are ideal for high-temperature applications. This material has a temperature range of 500°C. It shows their efficiency for a task that requires heat resistance. Furthermore, silicone washers are approved items that adhere to FDA regulations.

Neoprene-made washers are also one of the marketable and used rubber materials. Their all-purpose grade made them appropriate for various uses. Therefore, these two materials have exceptional qualities that make them perfect for particular applications.

Silicone and Neoprene Washer Differences
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