Skin Adhesive Silicone vs. Skin Adhesive Acrylic- The Ultimate Comparison

When it comes to skin adhesives, you have two options – either silicone or acrylic. Well, the two types of adhesives work well. However, they have varying properties, benefits and applications.

In this guide, we will compare all critical aspects about silicone and acrylic skin adhesives:

What is Skin Adhesive Silicone?

Skin adhesive silicone is a type of adhesive made for skin and it does not irritation. Due to the unique properties of polymerized silicone, you will find these adhesives in many applications.

Skin Adhesive silicone
Skin Adhesive Silicone

What is Skin Adhesive Acrylic?

Medical skin adhesive acrylic are made from acrylic polymer material. Acrylic adhesives are tougher than acrylic.

Acrylic Medical Adhesive
Acrylic Medical Adhesive

Comparing Advantages:

Advantages of Skin Adhesive Silicone

  • Gentle on skin – Medical skin adhesive silicone has minimal irritation on the skin and it also lessens skin trauma.
  • Durability – They remain effective when exposed to water.
  • Versatile – You can use medical skin adhesive silicone in many applications such as cosmetic, medical, fashion, and entertainment.
  • Biocompatibility – It is biocompatible and nonreactive thus does not cause any reaction or allergy when used on the skin.
  • Easy to remove and reapply – Medical skin adhesive silicone does not require any skill to remove or apply.

Advantages of Skin Adhesive Acrylic

  • Durability – Skin adhesive acrylic is long-lasting and it does not wear or tear easily. If you want something that can withstand movement or moisture, then choose acrylic skin adhesive.
  • Versatile – Medical skin adhesive acrylic is used in different and wide range of application.
  • Water resistance – Being water resistant, medical skin adhesive acrylic can be used on the skin even if it’s sweat.
  • Temperature stability – Medical skin adhesive acrylic can continue to perform its purpose under varying temperatures.
  • Cost-effective – It is easily affordable compared to other adhesive like silicone.


Limitation of Skin Adhesive Silicone

  • Cost – Medical adhesive silicone is more expensive compared to other medical skin adhesive.
  • Strength – It has a moderate strength thus making it not suitable for all applications.
  • Environmental sensitivity – In most cases, your medical skin adhesive silicone is not effective where there is extremely high temperature.
  • Leave residue – When using medical skin adhesive silicone it tends to leave residue on the skin.
  • Suitability for a certain application – Skin adhesive silicone has a moderate strength making it to be used in limited applications.
  • Handling and storage – When it comes to handling medical skin adhesive requires proper storage to help maintain its properties and composition.
  • Application limitation – Medical skin adhesive silicone is thicker and less flexible thus making it not suitable for some applications.
  • Not suitable for all skin types – At times, you may experience irritation. In case of any allergic reactions, then no silicone skin adhesive is not suitable for you.
Silicone Adhesive for Skin
Silicone Adhesive for Skin

Limitation of Skin Adhesive Acrylic

  • Skin irritation – Medical skin adhesive acrylic may not be ideal for fragile skin and has the potential to cause irritation, redness, or allergic reactions.
  • Pain when removing – It is likely to cause pain when being removed from the skin.
  • Moisture sensitive – Skin adhesive acrylic is moisture sensitive and might lose its effectiveness when in hot or humid areas.
  • Breathability – When medical skin adhesive acrylic is used on the skin it lessens the chance of the skin to breathe. Therefore, it may subject your skin to possible skin maceration.
  • Temperature sensitivity – Medical skin adhesive acrylic when exposed to extreme temperatures affects its performance.
  • Strength – The strength of medical skin adhesive acrylic may cause damage when being removed.
  • Environmental impact – Medical skin adhesive acrylic is not biodegradable thus when disposed of it does not decompose easily

Comparing Applications of Skin Adhesive Silicone and Skin Adhesive Acrylic

Where to Use Skin Adhesive Silicone

  • Medical application – Medical skin adhesive silicone is used in medical applications to dress wounds.
  • Sports and physical therapy – If you are in any sporting activity, silicone medical adhesive are perfect for any form of injury to help in your recovery process.
  • Cosmetic and personal care – Cosmetic and personal care uses medical skin adhesive silicone in temporary tattoos and art applications. Besides, you can also use these medical adhesives to treat scars.
  • Fashion and entertainment – The fashion and entertainment industry uses medical skin adhesive silicone in costumes and special effects. You can use it for attaching makeup and other elements.
  • Homecare – Used in home care for attaching health monitoring devices comfortably.
  • It is used in wearable technology – They act as wearable sensors and devices to help secure fitness trackers and health monitors.
  • Pediatric and geriatric care – Medical skin adhesive silicone is used in pediatric and geriatric with people with sensitive skin.

Where to Use Skin Adhesive Acrylic

  • Sports and physical therapy – Medical skin adhesive acrylic is used by athletes to help support and stabilize their joints.
  • Emergency care – Emergency care always contains a first aid kit that has medical skin adhesive acrylic. These adhesives will help you secure dressing and bandages during an emergency.
  • Fashion and entertainment – The fashion and entertainment industry uses medical skin adhesive acrylic for special effects. These may include theater, attaching prosthetics and customs that need to be put in place.
  • Medical application – Medical skin adhesive acrylic is used in medical applications such as wound dressing, and surgical tapes to secure bandages among others.
  • Pediatric and geriatric care – Medical skin adhesive acrylic is used in pediatric and geriatric care by people with sensitive skin and securing devices.
  • Cosmetic and personal care – The cosmetic industry uses medical skin adhesive to attach wigs, hair pieces, and hair fashion tapes to secure clothing.


Clearly, both skin silicone adhesive and skin adhesive acrylic play an important role in today. With the above comparison, you can easily choose a perfect medical skin adhesive.

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