Top 10 Liquid Silicone Rubber Manufacturers in the World

Top 10 Liquid Silicone Rubber Manufacturers in the World

Find the Best Liquid Silicone Rubber Manufacturer

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a highly flexible material. Every day, new applications for it come upon. It is in-demand in automotive component fabrication, healthcare components manufacturing, and many other industries.

You’re on the right site if you are looking for manufacturers who are famous for their liquid silicone rubber services!

Below, we have evaluated the top 10 credible companies. This will help you to easily understand each company’s capability. At the same time, it helps you determine which one is the best to work with.

Let’s get started.

Legenday -logo

  1. Legenday

Country: China

Address: #284 Minkang Road, Zhangkeng Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen City

Legenday is a liquid silicone rubber specialist in China. The company is fully equipped with advanced machines such as co-injection silicone molding machines, compression molding machines, and more. Also supported by high technology printing line, therefore, can guarantee good quality for each silicone product.

Main products they offer include silicone baby spoons, custom silicone molds, silicone straws, silicone wristbands, and many more.

They supply a one-stop solution to wholesalers, brand owners, and importers for many years now. Their wide liquid silicone rubber manufacturing expertise has helped them become widely known worldwide.

Moreover, Legenday offers custom services and full support to meet project requirements. It includes:

  • Conceptual design assistance
  • Selecting the right silicone material
  • Full volume production
  • ODM and OEM services

Britech Industries -logo

  1. Britech Industries
    Britech Industries

Country: United States

Address:  2698 SE Willoughby Blvd. Stuart, FL 34994

Britech Industries has been in the silicone business way back in 1984. The company invests more in the best machines to produce excellent silicone rubber innovations. Their main products include bumpers, squares, gaskets, seals, washers, and many more.

They focus not only on creating liquid silicone rubber products. But they also used different materials such as:

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile

Their aim is to help customers worldwide save time and effort with one-stop solutions. Making sure to complete your orders on-time is their top priority as well.

Britech Industries also serves cut-to-length services to meet the ideal projects.

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co. -logo

  1. Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.
    Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co.

Country: USA

Address: 1450 Heath Ave, Trenton, NJ 08638

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company has over a century of experience in manufacturing custom silicone rubber products.

As one of the leading companies in the USA, they are working in a wide range of industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Fluid & air control
  • Food processing
  • Scientific field
  • Hydraulic
  • And much more

The company specialized in custom mixing, custom molding, die cutting, custom molding, rapid prototyping, and other liquid silicone rubber services.

Before leaving the factory, their skilled engineers will examine each product. This is to guarantee all customers are getting the best quality expected.

Accurate Products, Inc. -logo

  1. Accurate Products, Inc.
    Accurate Products, Inc.

Continent: North America

Address: 4645 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL 60640

Accurate Products Incorporation started in the rubber field in 1947. They are known to supply both custom and standard rubber parts. Most of their business partners are part of the HVAC, agricultural, and automotive industries.

As a credible manufacturer in the US, they occupy 25,000 square feet of warehouse capacity. Their goal is to source the highest quality rubber products at reasonable costs for every client.

They offer main products such as:

  • Suction cups
  • Rubber grommets
  • Stoppers
  • Mounts
  • And much more

At Accurate Products, Inc, rest assured they serve complete turnkey solutions. It includes direct shipping capabilities, private labeling services, quoting assistance, and up to production.

REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company -logo

  1. REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company
    REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company

Country: US

Address: 3000 Arrowhead Drive, Carson City, NV 89706

REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company has produced a complete line of silicone rubber products. Main products include custom rubber-covered rollers, die-cut gaskets, molded vulcanized rubber parts, extrusions, and more.

As a top liquid silicone rubber manufacturer, the company is more focused on earning clients’ satisfaction. They usually work with business sectors that distribute and manufacture silicone rubber products. Included sectors are hydraulics, electronics, oil & gas, and more.

Guaranteed, you can benefit from their customer services and advantages, such as:

  • Finish grinding
  • Assembly process
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost-effective manufacturing

If requiring a volume production or prototypes, REDCO is the best one-stop source.

National Rubber Corp. -logo

  1. National Rubber Corp.
    National Rubber Corp.

Country: US

Address: 367 Morganza Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

The National Rubber Corporation is founded in the year 1997. Still today, they are one of the most reliable rubber companies. It operates within the 65,000-square-foot facility in the US.

The company manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Compressor rubber forming
  • Custom & standard extrusion
  • Injection shaping
  • Transfer molding
  • Die cutting
  • And splicing rubber materials

They mainly produce silicone rubber parts that are used in commercial and industrial applications. From design to the final process, their team promises to work hard. They are capable to turn drawings into excellent rubber parts.

Not only silicone rubber, but National Rubber Corporation also specialized in creating parts from EPDM, neoprene, nitrite, and other materials.

Mason Rubber Co., Inc. -logo

  1. Mason Rubber Co., Inc.

    Mason Rubbers Company

Country: US

Address: 1819 Second Street, Trevose, PA 19053

Masson Rubber operates as a full-service company. Their focus is to assist in reverse production and designing custom silicone rubber products to meet project demands.

They utilize compression, transfer, and injection molding procedures to ensure the highest quality liquid silicone rubber parts. Other services they offer include excellent die-cutting, custom extrusion, and custom molding expertise. Rest assured all rubber products are available here.

Moreover, Masson Rubber ensures that its production system is ISO 9001 certified. They will help clients from beginning to finish.

Aero Rubber Company, Inc. -logo

  1. Aero Rubber Company, Inc.

    Mason Rubber Co., Inc.


Country: US

Address: 8100 West 185th Street, Tinley Park, IL 60487

With more than 50 years in the field, Aero Rubber Company will work with industries that require silicone rubber solutions. The company is composed of skilled sales engineers who will give the best advice on solutions at the best rates.

At Aero Rubber, they have fabrication capabilities such as:

  • Custom molded fabrication
  • High volume production
  • Extrusion services
  • Cut-to-length solution
  • Vulcanized splicing services
  • Slitting
  • Die-cutting

There is a wide range of rubber products they offer. Main liquid silicone rubber products include seals, tubing, sheeting, gaskets, etc. Equipped with fully advanced machines to deliver durable rubber components.

Moreover, Aero Rubber Company is one of the ISO-certified companies.

Kent Rubber Supply Co. -logo

  1. Kent Rubber Supply Co.
    Kent Rubber Supply Co.

Continent: North America

Address: 4655 Clyde Park SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509

Kent Rubber Supply has been a liquid silicone rubber manufacturer for over  70 years. They are early manufacturers with professional fabrication experience.

The company provides excellent fluid-transferring products that are made out of liquid silicone rubber. These include:

  • Industrial fittings
  • Industrial hoses
  • Rubber foam components
  • Slit parts
  • Die cut
  • Molded rubber parts
  • And much more

Kent Rubber Supply promises to work closely with customers nationwide. They have the best customer service. Goal of the team is to understand each project’s requirements and operations.  From there, they can determine the exact needs.

Device Technologies, Inc. -logo

  1. Device Technologies, Inc.
    Device Technologies, Inc.

Country: United States

Address: 155 Northboro Rd., Unit 8, Southborough, MA 01772

The Device Technologies Incorporation has a simplified name “DTi”. They provide the highest class of rubber wire protection, door seals, edge trim, and more.

The company has been supporting manufacturers in:

  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial industry
  • HVAC
  • Medical
  • Power industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Data/IT centers

Well-equipped with advanced machines to meet excellent liquid silicone rubber parts required. For many years, DTi act as a credible supplier for small to large business sectors.

The company also uses state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency of its entire production. All rubber products offered are UL certified, ROHS, and ISO-certified.


If you are looking for a reliable liquid silicone rubber manufacturer, consider any company in this list . For the scope of this guide, our focus was on the top LSR manufacturers.

For all your liquid silicone rubber products, LegenDay is here to help.


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